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Drip drip drop!

It’s Friday and that can mean only one thing – it’s time for a free knitting pattern! This week we’ve got something a little different for you. It’s still tea related (obviously) but it’s not quite a tea cosy.

Let me set the scene for you. The teapot is full of steaming water and fresh tea bags. It’s been brewing for a while and after a peek and a stir, you are pretty sure it’s ready. You lift the pot, pour out the perfect golden contents and dribbles run down the spout of your pot and all over the counter/table/floor. It’s frustrating right? Well, it’s also a thing of the past, thanks to this!

Drip catcher 1

Becky Kibblewhite’s Tea Spout Drip Catcher is so simple and yet so inspired. Just a short piece of stocking stitch with a couple of rib rows in the middle, seamed up at the end, this is knitting at its finest; elegant, unfussy and practical.

Drip catcher 2

You can make this any size, any stitch and any colour you like. It uses such small amounts of yarn that you can even use up bits from your stash! Just remember to use a cotton yarn so that it will absorb the drips and you can easily wash it after each use. Some people have even made them for wine bottles! (We like their thinking…)

Drip catcher 4

If you are feeling super organised, why not make a batch of these for friends and family this Christmas? Just imagine the looks on their faces as they go from confused, to tickled, to downright impressed. I’m already planning to knock up a few of these.

The best part about this pattern is that it’s so simple you could whip one up in an afternoon. So if you find yourself at a loose end at all this Bank Holiday weekend, why not get your needles out and have a go at a drip catcher?

Happy Weekend Tea Fans!


Tea basket

It’s time for another free knitting pattern – huzzah!

Please forgive the absence of patterns recently, tea-related business has taken over somewhat of late. But now we are back on track and we’ve got some lovely things up our sleeves.

As we trundle along into summer, our thoughts have turned to lazy weekend breakfasts al fresco. We’re dreaming of dusting off the patio furniture and cracking out the melamine plates. And we think this design would be the perfect addition to your breakfast table.

Tea bag basket 1

This sweet little basket, designed by Knitvana, is ideal for carrying a selection of teas to your outdoor dining area, with a touch of cutesy style. It will be particularly handy when you’ve got guests to stay or friends over for brunch.

Tea bag basket 2

It’s so wee, that this little knit will be quick to finish and you could even use up some of the odds and ends in your stash. Who doesn’t love a good bit of stash busting?

Tea bag basket 3

The construction is really simple. It’s made of just two strips, sewn together at angles to create a base and a handle, so even if you are a novice knitter, you can definitely whip up one of these. You could even give it as a gift, with a selection of your favourite teas, for a fellow tea fiend.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get knitting! We’d love to see some snaps of your finished baskets.


This weeks free tea cosy pattern was written by Isabelle Dutailly and was inspired by a vintage 1930’s hat pattern called a Chéchia, which is a kind of Fez, originally worn for religious purposes.

The pattern is knitted in two parts for the front and back.  The main body is worked in 2×2 rib and the top part in stocking stitch.   The pattern also includes a schematic to ensure your tea cosy will fit properly, and is also available in French and Spanish for European readers.  You can download all versions here.

Isabelle‘s photograph displays a nice idea some knitters may not have thought of – using a tea pot as a yarn bowl! This works really well as the ball just rolls around inside the pot, rather than all over the floor (which is also handy for those with pesky kittens!)

Our favourite tea this week is Cosy Organic Green Tea with Lemon.  Light and refreshing and amazing with a slice of lemon drizzle cake – go on you know you want to!

Lionheart Tea Cup Cosy

We’ve got a quick little crochet project for you this week, this cute lion cup cosy free from Sarah Mancini from Little P and Company.

This is a fab little cosy to make to practice your crochet skills, as it uses a few of the basic techniques to create the main body, ears and mane.  The cup cosy is crocheted in the round from bottom to top, using a 5mm hook and DK yarn.  You can download the pattern for free here – non Ravelry members will need to create an account first.

If you are less inclined to crochet and still want this cup cosy, then it is available to purchase (with other designs) on Sarah’s Etsy shop.  You can read Sarah’s blog here.


Time for Tea!

Primarily we started out blogging about tea cosies, but there are so many other tea related goodies out there to knit and crochet, it seems a shame to leave them out.  Like this amazing wall hanging by Frankie Brown:

Image courtesy of Frankie Brown

This is a great way to use up oddments of yarn left over from your Christmas knitting.  Each little square is knitted separately, making this a very portable project you can dip in and out of.  The squares are then sewn or crocheted together, the cakes, letters and flowers added afterwards.

Image courtesy of Frankie Brown

The letters are knitted in 4ply yarn and are from Frankie’s alphabet series, which is also available on her Ravelry page.  The finished picture measures 36 x 56 cm (14 x 22in).  You can download the pattern for free here.

Image courtesy of Frankie Brown

Frankie has hundreds of free patterns available on her Ravelry page.

Aran Sweater Tea Cosy

I just came across this gorgeous aran sweater tea cosy by Patons, and just had to share it!

aransweaterteacosyImage courtesy of Patons

Isn’t it cute? Being a mini sweater, this is a great way to practice your cables and some of the techniques involved making a real jumper, in a fraction of the time!  The pattern is available as a free download – along with the complete kit to make it (apart from the buttons).  Are you thinking Christmas presents yet?

aransweaterteacosy2Image courtesy of Patons

Cleverly the armholes are used for the handle and spout, and the cables will draw the fabric in, making sure that your tea stays warm for the optimum amount of time!

aransweaterteacosy3Image courtesy of Patons

The tea cosy is knitted flat on 4.5mm neeedles, and the “armholes” knitting in the round on double pointed needles.  If you are looking to improve your techniques, or just have a fun knit over a few evenings, this would be a lovely choice!

Jenny’s Flower Pot Tea Cosy

Our free pattern this week comes from Jenny Stacy, who you may remember from our post at Christmas for a Reindeer Cup Cosy.

Jenny designed this tea cosy for Mother’s Day in memory of her mum for Mothers Day. The pattern is written for a small teapot, and is knitted in two pieces with the yarn doubled.  The flowers are then crocheted separately and sewn on afterwards.  You can find the pattern generously given for free on Jenny’s website, Just Jen – Knits & Stitches.

Image courtesy of Jenny Stacey

Image courtesy of Jenny Stacey

We think this tea cosy would really compliment a lovely pot of Cosy Breakfast Fair Trade Organic Black Tea.  A blend of Assam & Nilgiri teas from India this a classic tea for all day drinking and has a light flavour.  Perfect for a little knitting break!