The perfect Matcha

At Cosy HQ we don’t often feel like there is anything missing from our range of teas and infusions. We’re proud of our collection and think that it has everything you need to offer a quintessentially British tea experience. All our teas are organic and the black teas are Fairtrade as well. We have all the staples, some delicious green teas and even some innovations like our brilliant Blueberry (which is berry nice indeed).  In fact we haven’t introduced a tea since we had Decaf added to the family back in 2011.

We are also of the school of thought that you never say never. So we hope you are ready for Cosy Organic Matcha. Matcha has risen in popularity over the past year, partly owing to it’s fantastic green appearance and its health benefits.

Cosy Perfect Matcha.jpg

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Tea Collector: Paola Valle


The teas in their new home

We recently got a request from Paola who asked for some samples of our teas. We asked why because we’re nosy like that and were surprised by the response. It turns out that Paola is a tea collector! She collects the little wrappers that the tea bags come in and her collection is huge. We asked her to tell us a bit more about her hobby, and sent her some Cosy Tea to add to her collection. Here’s what Paola had to say: Continue reading


Summer seems to have come to an abrupt end here. The mornings have a distinct chill, the evenings are drawing in and Halloween goodies are popping up all round us! We love all things Halloween and have collected some of the most ghoulish and scary* knits to share with you. There’s enough time to get these projects finished before the big day, so fire up your kettle and get a brew on, you’ve got work to do.


Start simple is always excellent advice to follow, and we have with this Halloween wreath! It’s a great way to let Trick or Treaters know they’re welcome and a fun project to get you back into the swing of things if your knitting and crochet needles have been collecting dust over the summer. Continue reading

Cosy Tea Cultures around the world

We spent the summer gathering different tea traditions from around the globe and sharing them with you on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They ranged from the familiar, like Afternoon Tea in the UK, to the more outlandish, like Yak butter and salt tea, but they were all still our favourite beverage…TEA!

We thought that maybe it’s high time they were all in one place so you can see different tea drinking habits and maybe inspired you to share your own.

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Warm weather cosies

So we may have day dreamed of warmer times and large glasses of iced tea beading with condesation in the sun, but summer is no time to give up on a warm cuppa. And even on the warmest of days, you don’t want your pot to go cold before you’ve finished! We’ve found some exciting summer tea cosy projects to keep your tea warm and your kitchen table seasonal.

How about a Beehive Tea Cosy? We think this would be delightful to keep your Chamomile temperate. If you like to add a spoonful of honey then why not have your very own beehive as well? You can find the pattern for free here.


If a beehive isn’t quite tropical enough, then we suggest turning your hand to a pineapple tea cosy. Lemon Green Tea would be the perfect friend to this equatorial warmer and just the right tipple to plough through this pattern.


Yellow isn’t everyone’s colour so you could mix it up with a splash of ALL THE COLOURS. This ripple pattern is crying out for you to combine all the clashing combos until your eyes give up the goat. Maybe sip on the Decaf whilst knitting though, you’re eyes could want a bit of rest at any moment.

ripple cosy 4

Just think, by the time you’ve finished these it will be time to start digging out your trusty old scarf and glove patterns. Brrrrrrr…



Keep your cool this summer

While it’s been well documented that a nice, hot cup of tea can cool you more effectively than a cold drink, sometimes you just need something cold. We’ve all brewed up a Peppermint Tea, knowing that once forgotten and tepid it will still taste delicious, admit it! But how often do you brew up a batch of iced tea? It’s a great way to enjoy all the Cosy Tea flavours you love, even on the hottest of days. Once more you can have it on the go without the carting around a giant Thermos!

Sales Sheet Iced Tea..jpg

We found this great base recipe on The Food Network to make a simple Iced Tea. Once you mastered it, which will take one shot, you can then start adding all sorts to create an abundance of iced teas.

Simple Iced Tea Recipe

  • Bring 8 cups water to a simmer; remove from the heat and add 6 Cosy Tea bags.
  • Let steep about 4 minutes, until it’s the strength you like.
  • Strain loose tea with a fine-mesh sieve or remove the tea bags.
  • Let cool, then transfer to a pitcher, cover and refrigerate.

It’s so simple that we can manage it in the hottest of heatwaves! You can add some sugar to sweeten when simmering the water or infuse a whole range of ingredients to give it that homemade touch. We’ve had a think of some flavour combinations so you don’t have to…











Peppermint & Apple Iced Tea – make as a peppermint iced tea, combine with apple juice once cooled and serve garnished with lime wedges.

Jasmine & Lime Iced Tea – just add fresh lime juice once the tea has finished steeping.

Rooibos, Lemon & Mint – combine a sliced lemon and plenty of mint whilst the tea is steeping.

Blueberry & Vanilla – for a softer, sweeter option add half a vanilla pod with the tea.

K027---Cosy-Rooibos-&-Vanilla-Organic-Tea-20-bags-(40g).png   K020---Cosy-Blueberry-Organic-Tea-20-bags-(40g).png


Here’s a few golden rules to follow as you begin to experiment more and make sure you share you ventures with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Follow your nose

It’s no secret that here at Cosy we’ll make any old excuse to get more tea into our lives. Whether it be in the form of a cake, a cocktail, or even your dinner, we’ve pretty much got you covered.

That’s why we were pretty excited when we discovered that we could also use tea to make our lives smell better. Tea has been used in perfumes and scented candles for years but is currently enjoying a bit of a revival in popularity. Last Summer, tea-infused fragrances were so popular The Telegraph dedicated an entire article to them.

We started thinking of other ways we could get the beautiful bouquet of tea into our lives and were inspired by this Lifehacker post that suggested using teabags to freshen up small spaces. It’s a stroke of genius and we’ve been hooked ever since.

One of the brilliant things about Cosy teas is that the range is so varied there truly is a tea for every occasion, and every space. Here are some things we’ve been trying:

Cosy Chamomile under our pillows…0439 Cosy Chamomile Box OUTLINED_FIR_AW

We’ve talked before here on the blog about the possible health benefits of Chamomile tea. The most popular is that it may aid relaxation and soothe an anxious mind. Try popping an unwrapped bag of our Organic Chamomile infusion under your pillow to help you drop off at night.


Cosy Peppermint in our bathrooms…Cosy Peppermint Box OUTLINED_FIR_AW

This is a fantastic Organic way of keeping a bathroom smelling nice and fresh, without the nasty chemicals some air fresheners contain. Simply hang a bag or two on the back of the door and the steam from the shower will help distribute the lovely crisp scent all over the room.


Cosy Blueberry in our cars…

0440 Cosy Blueberry Box OUTLINED_FIR_AWWe love the fruity scent of Cosy Blueberry, and its heady scent is the perfect substitute for a car air freshener. Commercial air fresheners can sometimes lose their scent after a couple of weeks, but pop a blueberry teabag on your dashboard and you’ll have a car that smells so delicious you’ll want to take a bite for weeks.



Cosy Jasmine Green in our drawers…0443 Cosy Jasmine Green Box OUTLINED_FIR_AW

As much as we love the smell of tea, we still want to keep things subtle. Cosy Jasmine Green has a wonderfully delicate fragrance, making it perfect for scenting our clothes. Simply pop a teabag in your drawer, or hang in your wardrobe.


Of course, it doesn’t end there. Why not try mixing the contents of a teabag with your favourite essential oils or dried herbs to create scent combinations of your own? Do you have any other suggestions for ways to use tea as a fragrance? We’d love to hear them.