The tea has landed!

Happy days at Cosy HQ – because yesterday our first full shipment of tea arrived and boy, does the warehouse smell fantastic! Fresh peppermint and creamy vanilla cannot be held back by mere packaging and are flooding the air with their beautiful scent. It’s a pretty nice place to hang out right now. The orders are flooding in too – which is hugely exciting as it means that within a matter of weeks, Cosy is going to be out there in an ever-increasing number of cafés for punters to slurp! I just can’t wait to stumble across it when I’m out and about – I just hope people enjoy it as much as we do.

On the knitting front, the novices amongst us have been taking our first tentative steps towards ‘casting on’ and knitting a few tricky rows. Purl stitch is a subject of much debate, as despite following various clear instructions, we’re not entirely sure any of us have actually achieved it…Something is obviously going wrong. Needless to say, with such pitiful progress, we are still oceans away from knitting an actual tea cosy.


Nicola's free Wave Rib Tea Cosy pattern can be found on our website

Peppermint Cosy Tea Packaging







Beginners, see this great ‘How to Knit Guide’ to get you started!  For those of you who have mastered the basics, a lovely lady called Nicola has given us her free pattern for a wave-rib tea cosy – just like the one featured on the Peppermint Tea pack. It’s free to download on our website, or on the ‘Free Patterns’ link at the top of your screen.

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