Happy Customers

Though we’re quite a modest bunch really, we do feel that Cosy Tea deserves to sing its praises without embarrassment. That’s why we get quite excited when lovely fans say lovely things about it! Here’s a few of the latest comments we have received.

Name: Anneli
Fave Cosy Tea: Rooibos
“The vanilla explodes in your mouth! I could drink this all day…”

 Name: Molly (food blogger)
Fave Cosy Tea: Lemon Green
“The delicate straw colour looked pure and inviting and the balance of green tea and lemon was perfect. The taste was clean and fresh and endowed me with a sense of calm at the end of a long day.” 

Name: Kate
Fave Cosy Tea: Earl Grey
“I want to give your branding a hug! Lovely stuff.” 

Name: Lucy
Fave Cosy Tea: Chamomile
“I didn’t fancy an alcoholic beverage, but with such a funky display of teas on offer I wasn’t the least bit embarrassed to order a nice cup of chamomile tea. It was such a lovely cuppa, I took the little paper tab off the tea bag string and vowed to look you guys up online straight away!”

 Thanks for all your feedback. Flattery will get you…well, a nice cup of tea!

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