Elisabeth’s Tea Mitten Pattern

This week’s free tea cosy knitting pattern is the snug fitting “Tea_Mitten” designed by Elisabeth Kleven from Canada.


Elisabeth designed this teapot cosy so it wouldn’t have to be completely removed, making it more difficult to lose! The lid is uncovered so the tea can be topped up, and cleverly, she has created a “thumb gusset” for the spout, ensuring the tea stays toasty warm and cosy until the very second it is poured into the teacup. The rib in the pattern ensures the cosy is snug against the pot – Elisabeth says it was designed not to obscure her teapot ‘s “lovely curves”, and the flap around the handle keeps everything secure.

Knitted Tea Cosy Mitten by Elisabeth Kleven

Elisabeth learned to knit as a teenager because she wanted to make a Harry Potter scarf.  (I made one of them too!!)  She kindly let us use her free pattern this week so make sure you pay her ravelry page a visit to check out her other knitting patterns!


7 responses to “Elisabeth’s Tea Mitten Pattern

  1. Hi – I am enquiring as to wether or not I could find someone who could knit this tea cosy for me (Elisabeths tea mitten pattern) as currently I am struggling with other designs out there. This is excellent in design and style. many thanks
    Lisa Lowton (Shropshire) UK

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  3. I’ve started this pattern and, being that it is untested, makes me wary. Also the fact that its starting to look a complete mess! Disappointed

  4. I’ve started this pattern and its starting to look like a complete mess! Seriously disappointed, nothing is even.

    • Hi lovelythreads, I’m sorry you’ve had trouble with this pattern. As we only link to patterns we like, if you have any issues with them your best bet is to contact the designer, who might have errata for it. Thank you for letting us know.


  5. Not an easy pattern to follow but once you work out what it means it makes a lovely cosy. If you’re an experienced knitter or have previously made gloves or mittens you should be OK with this pattern.

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