Grannie’s Traditional Tea Cosy Pattern

This week our free tea cosy pattern, ‘Grannies Traditional Tea Cosy’ comes from Keren Smith in Wales.

Grannies_Traditional _1920s_Style_Cosy

She made this pattern up based on a vintage teacosy that her Gran knitted (which is about 80 years old now and still going strong!)  The different coloured yarns are knit alternately in garter stitch and are pulled across the wrong side when not in use to form the pucker, creating a double layer to keep the pot of tea super warm.


This style of knitted tea cosy dates back to around the 1920’s, but has been popular ever since.  There are some great photos online for similar retro tea cosies in vibrant colours from the 1970’s, however this version is a little more tasteful! The pattern can be downloaded for free.


The original 1940s tea cosy that Keren copied

Keren has a stream of  comments on her blog, teabythesea, from reminiscent fans, happy to have found a pattern that reminds them being children!  It’s a fairly simple knit, when you get the hang of carrying the yarn behind and the tension to use – experienced knitters could easily make one as a Christmas present and pass that nostalgia on to someone special!

If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning some Cosy Tea, we are currently looking for Christmas tea cosies to share and make! Please contact us with your free pattern, and if we use it then we’ll send some tea!


8 responses to “Grannie’s Traditional Tea Cosy Pattern

  1. Having done almost no knitting for, ooh, decades, I just followed this pattern slavishly, and the result is perfect! thanks you very much, Keren. I went the pom-pom route to please OH – sorry… Have tweeted a photo.

  2. What does BO stand for in the pattern

  3. THANKYOU so much for this pattern, my Great – Grandmother and her sisters made hundreds of these over many ,many years for their Womens Institute and other charities ,but I never had the pattern so Thanks so much for sharing this.Regards Bev

  4. I also have made a lot of these cosies, but unfortunately I lost my pattern in the last 2 weeks, so I was so happy to see it here. But how do I purchase a copy of it and any other tea cosy patterns that you have. hoping to hear from you SOOOOON. thanks ann horsey

  5. I am usually a loose knitter and even though I decided to use straight needles so that the stitches would not shrink on the cable of a circular, the work is so tight that I can hardly move it to work the stitches. In order to pull the different color across the back the stitches are too tight on the needle. What should I do differently? Thanks, Pam

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  7. I just finished this wonderful tea cosy and I absolutely LOVE it. It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and it’s easy to see how well it will keep the tea hot! I put the flower on top and it looks great. I also enjoyed learning how to i-cord! Thanks Keren for sharing your talents.

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