Abafinho Chunky Tea Cosy

The weather here this week has been cold and frosty, and I have developed a bit of an addiction to our jasmine green tea – to fight off any incoming winter germs that might get blown in my direction. Steeped for just a couple of minutes, it’s lovely and refreshing, and makes you feel healthy even if you’ve been eating cake with it. (This happens often).

I found this tea cosy a few weeks ago and wanted to mention it on the blog, I love how snug it is, and chunky -which means it will knit up really fast! The pattern is easy to follow using 5mm knitting needles.

Designed by Rosário for a knitting workshop, you can request a copy of the pattern from her blog, Dona Maria. Just click on the link “I want my pattern in English!” (If you do, of course).   Rosário also has some really cute baby booties on her Ravelry page 🙂

7 responses to “Abafinho Chunky Tea Cosy

  1. That’s really cute! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. That’s really cosie 🙂
    And Rosário is an amazing knitter!

  3. No problem! It’s gorgeous isn’t it!

  4. I can’t get this pattern in ENglish s a microsoft email window comes up and I do not that account my email is yahoo, how do I get this please really want to make for DIL!!

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