Time for Tea!

Today I thought I’d give my new favourite tea – Jasmine Green, it’s own little post.   Green tea, as I’m sure you are aware, is super good for you.  Research shows it is not only helpful for cancer, infection, high cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases, it is also soothing to rheumatoid arthritis too.

Jasmine Green Cosy Tea

Using organic Chunmee (eyebrow) tea and jasmine essential oils, our teas come conveniently packed into a little unbleached bag for perfect ease of tea making!







I like this tea as it feels nicely cleansing on the pallet, it’s quite light and delicate, yet still bursting with jasmine flavour, yum! It’s also quite soothing on a sore throat, and because it contains caffeine, it’s a more gentle (and healthy) way to wake up than that daily latte (or two).

Our friends below have been reviewing our teas and are doing a few give-aways! So if you’d like to try some, you know where to look 😉


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