I-Cord Cup Cosy

I love this cup cosy! This has got to be one of the easiest cosies we have featured so far, as it’s made out of i-cord!

If you don’t know what i-cord is, there are a couple of ways to make it.  The knitters’ way, using a pair of double pointed needles to go round and round in a very tiny circle, as described very well in this tutorial by The Purl Bee.  Or you could use the childs way – I say this as when I was young I used to make yards of this stuff on my Knitting Nancy (mine was prettier than this one).  I found this great tutorial on how to make and use a really lovely wooden one on MamaMoontime’s blog  This will keep the kids entertained for a while! 🙂

This cup cosy was designed by Marina in Moscow by accident, when she realised that she could use up all the i-cord she had lying around by making her Grandma a birthday present.   Note – you need a cup like the one in the picture for this to work! The handle needs to be at the top.  (This mug is from Ikea)

So the first thing to do is create yourself tons of cord.  Then get yourself over to Marina’s post on Instructables, which will talk you through the rest of the steps needed to create your cup cosy!

You can find more of Marina’s designs and ideas on the Instructables website, including the Enormous Stripy Knitted Snake featured on Ravelry!


4 responses to “I-Cord Cup Cosy

  1. That’s a really good idea, and a nice way to use up small leftover pieces of yarn. I wonder if I could adapt this to the shape of mug that I usually use… Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. No problem! As soon as I saw this on Marina’s ravelry page I knew we had to use it, it’s so simple yet effective! I think I’ll be making a few of these too 🙂

  3. This caught my eye- it looks so textural! Definitely making this!

  4. Barbara Craig Waite

    used to call this spooling, just use an old wooden thread spool, 4 small finishing nails small crochet hook or large tapestry needle to lift yarn over each stitch, poke yarn down through hole before starting to give something to guide completed length. Made hot pads, even small rugs. hats, anything round.

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