Crochet with Raymond’s Granny Tea Cosy

Here’s a gorgeous cosy for all you crochet addicts to get stuck into.

Crochet Tea Cosy

Granny Tea Cozy from Crochet with Raymond

Now if you are a regular reader, you’ll know that primarily we feature knitted tea cosy patterns, however, I can’t help but feel like we’re leaving all our lovely hooker friends out!

So today’s cosy comes from the lovely Alice at ‘Crochet with Raymond‘, a blog I discovered recently and have added to my feed.Β  I would suggest having a read if you like spinning, knitting, crochet and cats!

This pattern is made in a fairly simple crochet stitch, which is all explained in great detail on the pattern page here.

Crochet Tea Cozy

Granny Tea Cozy from Crochet with Raymond

This is a perfect cosy to crochet if you are fairly new to the skill, as Alice’s tutorial is so helpful!Β  And in these colours it will brighten up any kitchen πŸ™‚

Alice has lots of other patterns available on Ravelry, including bunting, booties and a coffee cosy. Check them out!


8 responses to “Crochet with Raymond’s Granny Tea Cosy

  1. Russell Farr-Jones

    I’ve just discovered my own love for making tea cosies recently and have a feeling this one I’ll be one of the next ones I make! All the patterns I have are knitted so this will make a nice change.

  2. julia christine stephen

    love the colors πŸ™‚

  3. adorable. love the granny cosies~

  4. like the picture but where is the pattern

  5. Very Nice!

  6. Can I just check – I’m buying wool in UK. I’ve never seen 8 ply. Is this the same as double knit?

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