Leah’s Rose Tea Cosies

I wanted to feature another knitted tea cosy pattern today, however I came across these too cute crochet rose tea cosies by Leah Maxwell and couldn’t resist.

And when I went over to Leah’s blog I was totally hooked, so here we are! The instructions for crocheting this tea cosy have photographs for every step of the way, making this a super easy one to follow.  The cosy is first crocheted onto the teapot from the bottom up, and then the flowers added after.  How cute??

You can find the free pattern here on Leah’s blog.

On a tea note.. This week I’ve been mostly drinking Cosy Organic Peppermint Infusion.  It’s sooo delicious and minty it’s been a great detox drink (muddy festivals are fun for a while, but then you start to feel a bit sticky..)  There is also a nice review of our tea over at “To Happy Vegans

If you have a food blog and would like some samples of Cosy Tea to review, then let us know!

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