Dawn’s Festivity Tea Cosy

This is the Festivity Tea Cosy by Dawn Brocco.  How gorgeous is this?  I love the colours she has chosen, the little sprinkling of white specks and the huge pompom on top.

The pattern is available to download and Dawn also has tons of other patterns available on her website and her Ravelry pattern page. (I personally think the Beehive Tea Cosy is fantastic!)

The Festivity Cosy is a great way to use up odd bits of yarn you might have left over.  The pattern itself is nicely written up, using a chart to work from for the colour work.  Knit mainly in stocking stitch, this tea cosy should be finished in a day or two and is a nice introduction to colour knitting.

Tea wise, this week my favourite has been the good old English Breakfast! I like mine black, steeped for about a minute with a vegan chocolate cupcake .  I made these at the weekend and they are seriously good! And the Cosy Organic Breakfast Tea is so light and subtle that the two compliment each other wonderfully.

How do you like yours?


We updated this post to reflect that Dawn’s festivity Tea Cosy is no longer free. If we’ll keep our eyes peeled for a free pattern to post!

2 responses to “Dawn’s Festivity Tea Cosy

  1. Sadly this is no longer free 😦

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