Twisted Fibers Mug Cosy

Gosh, how did it become September already?  We’ve got that odd sort of weather here at the moment that feels summery (at last) in the day and then freezing at night! And it’s starting to get dark earlier too, which makes me start thinking about knitting Christmas presents and getting all cosy.

Speaking of which, today’s free cosy knitting pattern comes courtesy of Twisted Fibers Designs.  It’s a gorgeous little mug cosy that you should be able to knit up in a couple of hours, perfect for a last minute gift idea or tv project!

The pattern for this cup cosy is really simple and would suit beginners as a first project using knit and purl stitches. You can find the pattern for free on Twisted Fibers Designs blog. The blog also makes very good reading for those crafty types among you (yes, you) so make sure you pop along and have a peek.

This week on the tea front I have been mostly dipping into the old Rooibos and Vanilla. It’s an old favourite that I’ve previously had addiction problems with, it’s so delicious! Sweet and warming, this one goes very well with a slice of banana cake. And we always have banana cake as we seem to let our ‘nanas get a little toooo ripe..

Edit: Please note the link for this free pattern is not longer working.  You could try messaging the designer through Ravelry for more information.

4 responses to “Twisted Fibers Mug Cosy

  1. Hi! I came to your post via a Google search because the Ravelry site where I found this pattern said the blog wasn’t available! 😦 I would LOVE this pattern if you know a link (none on your post work either) that could get me there…Thanks so much for your help!

    • Hi Sorry Tiffani, we found this pattern via Ravelry too, so were just sharing it! Hopefully the designer is just having an update and it will work again soon.


  2. yes their link / site appears to have been discontinued. Ravelry should be advised as well

  3. I found the pattern here –

    Definitely knitting this one!

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