Kureyon Kozy

The Kureyon Kozy knitting pattern was designed by Emma Crew and featured free on Knitty back in 2004.  It’s such a cute design and reminds me rather of a present wrapped up in knitting, which is why I am featuring it now on the run up to Christmas.

photo courtesy of acechick

This tea cosy has an extra thick bottom to protect surfaces, and features a pocket to add a tea sachet in if required.  The heat of the pot will warm the leaves and release a lovely tea scent!

There are two sizes available for this tea cosy – to fit a 4-6 cup teapot, or an 8-10 cup.  Both are knitted in the round on 4.5mm (US 7) needles.

Photo courtesy of acechick

You can find this knitting pattern for free in the 2004 issue of Knitty online.  I also recommend having a look around their site if you’re not familiar with it for hundreds more free treats from independent designers!

This tea cosy is a fast knit and can easily be knitted up before Christmas. The pattern is suitable for beginner knitters who are comfortable knitting in the round.  We would recommend using a fruit tea in your pot such as Organic Blueberry and Echinacea Infusion, as the warmed sachet scent will smell divine! Echinacea is also a good boost for your immune system at this time of year, particularly in climates like England where we are starting to feel the chill.

One response to “Kureyon Kozy

  1. I made one of these a couple of years ago. It’s a pretty quick, easy knit and does a very nice job keeping the teapot warm. I skipped the extra pocket on the bottom.

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