Molecular Tea Cosy

This week I would like to feature the Molecular Tea Cosy pattern by Sarah Hoyte.  This crochet pattern is for a cosy that flaps over your tea pot and is decorated by some of the molecules found in tea!

photo courtesy of dontlickthespoon

Sarah’s pattern is great because it can be made to fit any teapot, and will teach you something about knitting to fit if you haven’t ventured into basic designs before. All you need is some patience, a tape measure and a calculator!

Because this tea cosy is crocheted in Herringbone stitch, it makes it a really snug woven fabric for keeping your pot warm. And the molecule designs makes this a great gift for any chemistry nerds!

photo courtesy of dontlickthespoon

The tea cosy is worked straight until you reach the top of the tea pot, when it is then decreased to fit. The flap is designed so you can refill without having to take the whole cosy off first.

You can find the free pattern hereSarah’s blog also features other patterns she has written (including some rather cool Dalek inspired mittens) and some delicious looking recipes, plus links to her Etsy where you can buy these things if you don’t fancy making them yourself!

This week I have been mostly drinking Organic Rooibos Tea with Vanilla, which is becoming a firm favourite of mine.  Because it’s caffeine free I can have as much as I want without getting the jitters, and fill myself with antioxidants in the process. Win!

One response to “Molecular Tea Cosy

  1. Chemistry, tea, and crochet! All my favorite things in one. Thanks for sharing!

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