Valentines Mug Hugs

So there are just a few days left until Valentines now, what are you making for your loved ones? We love these cute mug cosies designed by Kristen Tendyke.

2247236634_a16566f032_zimage courtesy of Kristen Tendyke

Quick to knit in worsted weight Classic Elite Renaissance, this is a great little project for using up scraps of yarn left in your stash, and for having a go at simple Fair Isle if you haven’t before! This cute cosy is worked flat and there is a cable panel down either side to keep your fingers busy.

2246441187_c61b5ac2b1_zimage courtesy of Kristen Tendyke

Kristen Tendyke is a knitting and crochet designer who has been developing a collection of designs dedicated to supporting the use of eco-frindly yarns.  She has recently published her first book, Finish Free Knits.

This pattern is offered for free (or with a small donation if you can), however there are lots of beautiful garment and accessory patterns also worth browsing on Kristen’s website.

On the tea front this week I have been rather into the Cosy Jasmine Green recently; it’s delicate yet flavoursome, and a really gentle way to get going in the mornings.  Delicious also with a slice of ginger cake, as tested earlier on today 🙂

One response to “Valentines Mug Hugs

  1. I love this! I might try knitting it, I really want to have a go at fair isle!

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