Cupcake Tea Cosy by Jane Crowfoot

Hello and welcome to our 50th post!

This week we are linking to this gorgeous free cupcake tea cosy by knitting expert Jane Crowfoot.

Photo courtesy Jane Crowfoot

Starting at the bottom, the cupcake case is knitted on 3.25mm double pointed needles in rows, which is a great way of knitting stripes without having to break the yarn and tie in lots of ends.  It means you can just simply slip the knitting from one end of the needle to the other where the colour you require lies, and you can carry on from the other side.  The rim and the icing are then picked up afterwards and knitted in one piece before making up.

Jane Crowfoot is the author of Finishing Techniques for Hand Knitters (Search Press, £9.99) and is one of the UK’s leading experts on knitting.  She writes a beautiful blog with some stunning knit and crochet images, which I urge you to take a look at if you have a minute.
This pattern is available free from Jane’s website, Janie Crow, where you can also browse patterns, buy needles and hooks and check out some of Jane’s workshops and events.

Have a great Easter!


10 responses to “Cupcake Tea Cosy by Jane Crowfoot

  1. I am unable to download the pattern from Janie’s website

  2. Very beautiful pattern for a tea cosy

  3. There is always a smile in me for a knitted tea cosy, this collection have made me smile to the point of a silly grin!!! Love them all, but especially this one…

  4. Not sure if I am misunderstanding the instructions but am having trouble when it comes to making the tuck – my A yarn is at the opp end so wrong side facing instead of R side. Can anyone advise me – I’d really love to knit this cosy

  5. Hi how can I get the pattern now as I really like it.

  6. I also thought I’d mis read the pattern but have the same problem as Alison Kelly

    • Following on from my last comment. It works out if you do 3 rows ss in the first part only, in colour A instead of 2, then follow pattern but reading P for K or K for P as appropriate. Not sure I’ll finish it tho as it’s very small and not terribly thick to keep a pot warm.

  7. Thanks Ann – I will give it a go. I just thought it was really pretty – also don’t like to be beaten by a knitting pattern!

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