Jenny’s Flower Pot Tea Cosy

Our free pattern this week comes from Jenny Stacy, who you may remember from our post at Christmas for a Reindeer Cup Cosy.

Jenny designed this tea cosy for Mother’s Day in memory of her mum for Mothers Day. The pattern is written for a small teapot, and is knitted in two pieces with the yarn doubled.  The flowers are then crocheted separately and sewn on afterwards.  You can find the pattern generously given for free on Jenny’s website, Just Jen – Knits & Stitches.

Image courtesy of Jenny Stacey

Image courtesy of Jenny Stacey

We think this tea cosy would really compliment a lovely pot of Cosy Breakfast Fair Trade Organic Black Tea.  A blend of Assam & Nilgiri teas from India this a classic tea for all day drinking and has a light flavour.  Perfect for a little knitting break!

2 responses to “Jenny’s Flower Pot Tea Cosy

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  2. I knitted this tea cosy but because I cannot crochet I knitted the flowers and made felt leaves. Very effective. Thank you for a lovely easy pattern to knit.

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