Aran Sweater Tea Cosy

I just came across this gorgeous aran sweater tea cosy by Patons, and just had to share it!

aransweaterteacosyImage courtesy of Patons

Isn’t it cute? Being a mini sweater, this is a great way to practice your cables and some of the techniques involved making a real jumper, in a fraction of the time!  The pattern is available as a free download – along with the complete kit to make it (apart from the buttons).  Are you thinking Christmas presents yet?

aransweaterteacosy2Image courtesy of Patons

Cleverly the armholes are used for the handle and spout, and the cables will draw the fabric in, making sure that your tea stays warm for the optimum amount of time!

aransweaterteacosy3Image courtesy of Patons

The tea cosy is knitted flat on 4.5mm neeedles, and the “armholes” knitting in the round on double pointed needles.  If you are looking to improve your techniques, or just have a fun knit over a few evenings, this would be a lovely choice!


2 responses to “Aran Sweater Tea Cosy

  1. Thank heavens this is knit so I can’t make it. Please don’t tell me there is a crochet version of this. I don’t even have a tea pot but would get one for this.

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