Ice, ice baby

Howdy Tea lovers!


Here at Cosy Tea we thought it was about time for some tea-spiration. Yup, we’re so excited about it we’ve made up a brand new word for it! We know how to rock and roll.


The weather here in the UK has been uncharacteristically gorgeous lately (well, some of the time), and while a hot cup of tea is refreshing whatever the weather, we’ve had an insatiable craving for iced tea. Sweet and cold with that beautiful aftertaste of fresh and comforting tea – what more could we ask for?


So we’ve been hunting high and low on the internet for some really cracking recipes and here are some of our faves.


Country Living


The good people at Country Living have gathered together 6 stonking options that we just can’t wait to guzzle. From the more traditional Sun Tea to the downright devilish Hibiscus Tea with Vodka and Citrus, there’s a great range of flavours here. Use our Breakfast tea bags to whip up these concoctions.




For a caffeine-free option, and a great alternative to a favourite cocktail, this mock-jito (more new words!) looks fantastic. It’s a great option if you are pregnant or happen to be the designated driver. We think this would be ultra tasty with our Jasmine Green tea.


Chamomile iced tea


For a soothing drink to get you all blissed out, we love the idea of this Chamomile and Honey iced tea. Anything that’s presented in a mason jar with a stripy straw is ok by us! Try this with our Chamomile tea bags as a summer alternative to warm milk when you can’t sleep or to help you feel zen and find your chi for a good yoga work out.


Have you got any favourite iced tea recipes? We’d love to hear them!


Until next time, enjoy the sunshine.


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