Totally radical, dude!

Good morning loyal readers! I hope the weather has been kinder to you than it has here in the West Country – one minute it’s scorching hot and the next it’s chucking it down. We don’t know whether to be snuggling up with a hot cup of English Breakfast or opting for a refreshing Jasmine Green!

It’s time for another free knitting pattern round these parts and we think you’ll love this wacky number. These bright colours and the almost gravity-defying shape are the perfect dose of fun for summer.

Rad Ripple 1

(Photo courtesy of Jenny Stacey)
Radical Ripple, by Jenny Stacey is a crochet creation, using simple ripple stitch which is then flipped on its side. The tea cosy is made of two pieces, seamed at the end and is designed to fit a two-cup pot, though there are also instructions for adjusting the size. If you are relatively new to crochet, this would be a great project to get the hang of dc stitches and have a go at some simple decreases as well.

Rad Ripple 2

(Photo courtesy of Jenny Stacey)

What colour combination you go for is up to you, but we think this could be the perfect stash-busting project – even the tiniest oddments could make a stripe here and there. A large statement button finishes off the cosy to fix the strap around the handle, so it’s time to raid Granny’s tin! Just imagine how great it would look with a real vintage find.

If you like this design, don’t miss Jenny’s Daylily tea cosy, another crochet beauty, this time in the form of an open-mouthed flower. Stunning!

Until next time tea fans!

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