Get your griddle on!

With the weather we’ve had recently, it’s time for some comforting bakes. October has arrived, and with it has come the rain and cold, so batten down the hatches, get the oven on and get ready to feel so much better.

For the last recipe in our traditional tea cakes series, we’ve got a real corker for you. They are super easy to make, delightful to consume and the perfect partner to your favourite tea. What are we going on about? Welsh cakes.

Welsh cakes 1

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A close relation to drop scones, griddle cakes and other fruity fares, the Welsh cake, or Singin’ Hinny, is as near to perfection as confection can get. We found this traditional 1930s recipe online and we’re hunting out our griddle pans as we speak!

Welsh cakes 2

Using only a handful of ingredients that you are likely to have in your pantry, these would make a wonderful snack for unexpected guests or an impromptu lazy weekend brunch. If you felt like it, you could substitute the currants for other dried fruits you’ve got to hand – glace cherries or candied peel would make scrummy alternatives.

Welsh cakes 3

Also known as bakestones because of the traditional stone they were baked on, Welsh cakes are traditionally served as they are, sprinkled with caster sugar. But doesn’t that melty butter just look wonderful? We think you can bend tradition a little bit when it comes to butter. And if you’re a fan of preserves, a dollop of jam wouldn’t go amiss either!

Whether you’ve got a lazy weekend on the cards or you are bustling about until Sunday night, we think an hour spent baking and eating these beauties is a necessity, don’t you?

One response to “Get your griddle on!

  1. These look gorgeous. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t find the link to the recipe itself.

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