Hold me close

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but all of a sudden, it’s cold. Now, more than ever, we need tea at every opportunity, just to keep us going through the chill. When we do venture outside, we’ve got mitts, hats and scarves on hand, so why shouldn’t our favourite mug have the same? For this month’s free knitting pattern, we’ve got a little treat for you and your mug.

hug me

Isn’t this the sweatest mug hug you’ve ever seen? Including a miniature jacket (complete with buttons, no less) and teeny tiny mittens, Hug Me Mug Cosy by Lily Sugar n Cream is the perfect winter outfit for your mug. It’s so small that it would be a great design for using up those odd bits in your stash (but make sure you use machine-washable fibres in case of spillages and drips).

The body is worked flat, while the arms are worked in the round to avoid fiddly seaming. Once it’s all knitted up, the mug hug is fixed onto your mug with little ties that are crocheted onto the body of the jacket. If you can’t crochet, don’t despair! Simply cast on 12 stitches and cast off again, instead of making a chain. Easy!

So make yourself feel a little bit warmer (even if it’s all in your mind) with this sweet little knit. It would even make a lovely stocking filler!

One response to “Hold me close

  1. So cute – want one!! – feeling like a hug is just the ticket today.

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