How about handmade?

Christmas shopping is the epitome of a love/hate situation. We all love choosing nice things for our loved ones, beholding the sparkling wonder of high streets bedecked in fairy lights and sipping novelty hot chocolates as we browse store windows. But it’s not so fun doing this in the inevitable rain, with buggies ramming us at every turn and the endless queues for each and every till in each and every shop. Right?

So wouldn’t it be lovely to make some of the gifts we give this year? We have trawled the internet for you (you’re welcome) and found some delightful gifts for tea-lovers everywhere. Want to see? Of course you do.

tea biscuits

(Image courtesy of Le Petrin)

Biscuits and tea go hand in hand so it only makes sense to whip up a batch of tea bag biscuits. This beautiful shortbread recipe, originally in French, will last quite well, so you can make it a few days in advance, making it the perfect homemade gift in this busy period. To make a more personal present, you could swap the orange zest in the recipe for some English Breakfast, Earl Grey or Chamomile tea leaves from a Cosy Teas tea bag.

tea sleeves

(Image courtesy of

Do you have friends or family members who have to have their tea just so, and only like their faithful tea brands? We don’t blame them, Cosy Teas are simply them best. Give them a carefully selected range of tea bags and dress them with aplomb, so that they can carry their must-have tea bags with them at all times. Yes, this is a tea bag wallet. Of course. Rifle in your fabric stash and dig out your sewing machine, it’s time to get crafty!

tea wreath

(Image courtesy of Kojo Designs)

This is genius, isn’t it? Who wouldn’t want a wreath of their favourite teas displayed on colourful pegs? Not only is this creative, thoughtful and practical, it will also be quick and easy to make. It really is the perfect Christmas make.

So there you have it – the best tea presents you could ever wish for. No go forth and make – and don’t forget to show us your snaps!

3 responses to “How about handmade?

  1. Love your blog, definately going to have a go at making both of these. Mentioned you on my blog hope thats ok. Come visit me if you have the time

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