Line ’em up!

As December trickles away, we are well and truly in the season of eating, drinking and being merry, and we are loving it! For today’s blog post we’re going to make sure you have plenty to drink and that you most certainly are merry. How are we going to do that, you ask? Easy. With some of our favourite tea cocktails.

Yup, boozy and delicious, cocktails just got so much better thanks to one wonderful ingredient: tea! These would make the perfect drinks to serve up at Christmas parties, drinks in with the girls, or just as an alternative to sherry and wine on the big day itself.

Are you drooling yet? You will be…


(Recipe and image from

Starting with the humble English Breakfast tea, this is a simple but astonishing cocktail. Mixing black tea with bourbon and honey sounds delicious, and just perfect for sipping under a blanket. Use Cosy Tea’s English Breakfast for a scrumptious fireside treat.


(Recipe and image courtesy of

Earl Grey and gin. Now isn’t that a match made in heaven? Add some honey, lemon and lavender and you’ve got something truly special. All that’s left is to don your best cocktail dress, slap on the Christmas-red lippie and you’ve got your evening sorted.


(Recipe and image from

Zesty and bright, this Green Tea Gimlet cocktail will put a spring in your step, no matter how cold it is outside! Combining green tea with gin and citrus makes for a sassy result that the girls will love. You provide the gossip and the embarrassing stories…


(Recipe and image from

The Leland Palmer. Doesn’t that sound sophisticated? Featuring such ingredients as limoncello and grapefruit juice this is a cocktail to impress with. Invite all the in-laws round and show them just how much hosting prowess you have – but don’t drink too many of these, or the image will be shattered.


(Recipe and image courtesy of

Combining soothing chamomile and crazy tequila may not seem like an obvious choice, but we think this cocktail might just become a favourite. The chamomile tea is used to make a simple syrup which would be equally delightful drizzled over cakes or ice cream. This recipe is the gift that keeps on giving!

Whether you serve your tea with milk or booze this festive season, we hope you have a wonderful one. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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