May old acquaintance be forgot…

Happy New Year! Don’t worry, I can still say that because we are only in the single digits of January. We hope you all had a beautiful break at the end of 2014, whatever and however you celebrated, and are feeling fresh and rejuvenated for the new year to come.

And what could be better to usher in 2015 than a brand new knitting project? Exactly – nothing! Well, we’ve got you covered. This month’s tea cosy is stylish and sophisticated and it might just teach you a new technique or two. Intrigued? You should be.

The Cushy Smocked Tea Cosy is a Patons design from It’s mostly worked in a wide rib but every few rows the smocking technique is used. This is where the needle is inserted at a specific point and a loop is drawn out that will pull parts of the rib into a diamond shape. It sounds a bit abstract and weird, but it’s actually really easy to do, and look how pretty it turns out! Worked flat and then seamed, you can concentrate on the smocking, with just a few simple decreases towards the end to distract you.

cushy cosy 1

For extra squishiness and insulation, this tea cosy is knitted in aran yarn on 4.5mm needles. So even if you’ve never smocked before, you’ll still have a finished object in no time – and really, aren’t they the best kind of knitting projects?

Possibly our favourite part of this design is that it comes with a genius way of making pom-poms. If you’re used to the old-school approach that requires two discs of cardboard, you’ll know it can be slow going and pretty mind-numbing. Well, this pattern suggests simply winding the yarn around your fingers instead, which sounds much quicker, much more satisfying and just, well, better.

And if you’ve really fallen for this design, you could even make yourself a matching throw, with the corresponding pattern which is also free – but it doesn’t sport a pom-pom. Ah well, you can’t win ‘em all…

cushy throw

So whether you’ve made resolutions or not, you can enjoy getting stuck into this beauty of a cosy. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make a million pom-poms – fuss free!

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  1. Could not find this on Yarn Inspirations site…

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