Take a punt on some Summer bunting!

With the weather sticking to a pleasant shade of grey recently, you’d be forgiven for thinking we are in the depths of Winter rather than the height of Summer. Keeping a stiff upper lip can be tough when you’re forced to hold a brolly in your tea-hand. Ever the optimist, I’m daydreaming of afternoon Cosy Tea parties in the garden…think fine bone china and teeny tiny sandwiches. Oh and cake, of course.

I found this fab free pattern for knitted bunting from those lovely folk over at Buttons and Beeswax to cheer things up. It’s simple, colourful and perfect for decorating those tea parties…or just hanging in your living room and admiring with a cuppa while you wait for the rain to stop.


Photo by Jesse Wild

To make this super simple design you’ll need to use several colours of yarn heavy enough that your bunting hangs properly, such as Aran. Oh and don’t forget some lengths of ribbon to string it up with. You’ll need a tapestry needle for threading the ribbon, so be sure to get that at the ready too. You could stick to solid colours but this is a great way to use up any odds and ends of yarn you’ve got lying around, and if you wanted to really go to town why not sew on some buttons or other decorations? You could even go all out with the tea theme and take inspiration from the Cosy range…Rooibos bunting anyone?

Photo by Jesse Wild

Photo by Jesse Wild

Psst! All the patterns we post here on the blog are free at the time of posting. Unfortunately we can’t be held responsible if the original poster decides to charge for it at a later date.

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