3 ways with…Cosy Earl Grey

As tea lovers we all have a favourite way of brewing our favourite drink. There’s certainly no shame in being fussy when it comes to making your morning cuppa but sometimes it pays to be adventurous. If like me you’ll never say no to a novel way to drink tea then this is new series is for you. I’ll be picking out some of my favourite Cosy flavours and showing you a few different ways to enjoy them. Starting with an old classic: Earl Grey.

Readers, meet Charles. An aristocrat and former British Prime Minister, you may know him better as the second Earl Grey. I tried to find a funny anecdote about Charles but was sadly unsuccessful. This isn’t too surprising because it turns out Charles was a busy guy – he was elected to Parliament at the tender age of 22 and went on to have no less than 16 children. There are several stories surrounding how Earl Grey tea came to be named after…Earl Grey..but the mostly widely circulated theory involves a Chinese visitor who didn’t like the taste of the Earl’s water so brewed the tea with bergamot. Kind of like a Brita filter for the 19th century. The tea proved so popular among the Greys and their friends that it wasn’t long before everyone was drinking it and the rest is, quite literally, history.

If you’ve never tried it before, Earl Grey’s delicate and citrusy flavour is really special (we’re talking the tea now, not the man). To get you started, here are 3 ways to drink it…

With Lemon


It seems only right that we should start off with the old school method. Classic, refreshing and refined, just how Lord and Lady Grey would’ve liked it. Simply brew for 3-4 minutes, pour, and top with a slice of lemon to complement those lovely citrusy flavours. China cup optional.

In a London Fog


Don’t be fooled by this one because behind those plain and unassuming looks is a delicious treat of a drink. For those not in the know, the London Fog is Earl Grey with steamed milk and vanilla. A heavenly combination and perfect for when you can’t decide between a cup of tea and something a little sweeter. Brew yourself some Earl Grey, top up with warm milk, add a drop of vanilla extract and sweeten to taste with sugar. Mmmmm.

With Gin


We’ll end with this criminally simple-to-make cocktail hour special. Brew your tea and leave to cool. Pour a shot of gin into a glass, top up with the cold tea and stir in a teaspoon of honey. A squeeze of lemon juice finishes it off nicely. Drink slowly – you’ll want another one.

Now over to you readers, how do you like to drink your Earl Grey?

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