Summer seems to have come to an abrupt end here. The mornings have a distinct chill, the evenings are drawing in and Halloween goodies are popping up all round us! We love all things Halloween and have collected some of the most ghoulish and scary* knits to share with you. There’s enough time to get these projects finished before the big day, so fire up your kettle and get a brew on, you’ve got work to do.


Start simple is always excellent advice to follow, and we have with this Halloween wreath! It’s a great way to let Trick or Treaters know they’re welcome and a fun project to get you back into the swing of things if your knitting and crochet needles have been collecting dust over the summer.


If you’re feeling a bit bolder, then why not try a pumpkin that will stay good for years to come? These Chunky Pumpkins look great and you can make various sizes to dot around the place. If you’re feeling a bit fancy then why not incorporate some black wool and draw up a pattern with a Jack O Lantern face on them as well.


And you can’t have Halloween without a costume right? The Monster Mitts are super simple and make a fantastic gift. The more garish and fluffy the wool the better the paws we say.



Don’t leave out your furry friends, they can trick or treat too….




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