Tea Collector: Paola Valle


The teas in their new home

We recently got a request from Paola who asked for some samples of our teas. We asked why because we’re nosy like that and were surprised by the response. It turns out that Paola is a tea collector! She collects the little wrappers that the tea bags come in and her collection is huge. We asked her to tell us a bit more about her hobby, and sent her some Cosy Tea to add to her collection. Here’s what Paola had to say:

My name is Paola and I live in Italy. I’ve been collecting teabags from all over the world since 1989. Actually I have about 22,000 teabags arranged in folders by country and have  wrappers from 82 nations.


Paola’s Collection stored in folders

I started casually in high school: in the afternoon, once a week, I went to my cousin’s to extra maths lessons. She always offered me a cup of tea from a beautiful wooden box she got as gift from London with 6 different flavours inside.
They were Melroses’ teabags and the wrappers were beautifully coloured and I kept one of each. Then I began to look for other teabags, in the summer I went to France on vacation and after few time I realised I had started the collection. At the beginning I thought I was alone with this hobby, but later I discovered other collectors.
The teabags wrappers are stored empty because, I have to admit, I’m a tea-lover not only for the collection but also because I like to drink all different kinds and flavours. One day I would like to exhibit them somewhere, but at the moment this is only in my thoughts.
Some teabags I buy, some I exchange with other collectors, some I receive from friends and parents and others I get from tea companies as free samples. Recently I contacted the Cosy Tea and they were soooo kind with me. Not only showed interest in my hobby, but they have been so generous to send me an envelope full of teabags to try and to keep in my collection.
I have no words to say thank you for this big surprise received at my home. Among the received flavours Blueberry is my favourite and Breakfast too. When I’m at home I like take a break with my mug sitting outside on the steps and look my garden.


Thanks Paola for your kind words and very best of luck with the collection! If you have something exciting to tell us then get in touch via Facebook and tell us your story.


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