The perfect Matcha

At Cosy HQ we don’t often feel like there is anything missing from our range of teas and infusions. We’re proud of our collection and think that it has everything you need to offer a quintessentially British tea experience. All our teas are organic and the black teas are Fairtrade as well. We have all the staples, some delicious green teas and even some innovations like our brilliant Blueberry (which is berry nice indeed).  In fact we haven’t introduced a tea since we had Decaf added to the family back in 2011.

We are also of the school of thought that you never say never. So we hope you are ready for Cosy Organic Matcha. Matcha has risen in popularity over the past year, partly owing to it’s fantastic green appearance and its health benefits.

Cosy Perfect Matcha.jpg

We adore Matcha for it’s versatility, there are so many ways to incorporate it into your diet. There has been a staggering increase of Matcha recipes both food and drink, and we have perfected some of our favourites for you to enjoy.

First up is a Cosy Matcha Latte – probably the most popular way to enjoy it, but also a useful base to create more elaborate beverages.

Matcha Latte.jpg

You can try adding different milks, such as almond, coconut or soya, to make a Vegan Matcha Latte. Most people like a hint of sweetness in their Matcha and we think that Sweetbird Syrups are the best way to add flavour. Not only are they the only range to be approved for vegans and vegetarians by the Vegan Society, and contain no GMOs or artificial colourings, they are all delicious as well! Sweetbird French Vanilla and Cosy Matcha are one of our favourite pairings for a taste of Matcha Latte heaven.

But it’s not just lattes you can expect to be serving up once Cosy Organic Matcha has been added to you menus. We adore it as an iced tea style drink, and the fresh grassy flavour makes for a really refreshing summer drink. Preparing couldn’t be simpler:

Mix 1/2 teaspoon of Cosy Organic Matcha with 30ml of warm water and whisk very well. You want a smooth mixture with absolutely no lumps. Top with water and ice and serve. We love adding different flavour combinations and think 2 pumps of Sweetbird Mint Syrup in a Cosy Iced Matcha  is going to be our drink of the summer.

There’s also Iced Matcha Lattes, Matcha Shots to add to your juices and smoothies and don’t even get us started on cooking with it! Keep an eye out for more update on here and on social media for our Matcha favourites and when it will be available to order. 2017 is going to be really, really green.

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