Happy National Tea Day!


Today marks our favourite day of the year, National Tea Day. Yes that’s right, a whole day has been dedicated to this delightful beverage and rightly so.

To celebrate Britain’s favourite morning – and afternoon ritual we have found 10 interesting facts about the wonder that is tea.

  1. Tea breaks are a tradition that have been with us for approximately 200 years
  2. It takes around 2,000 tiny leaves to make just one pound of finished tea
  3. There is an estimated 1,500 different types of tea
  4. Over 3 million tons of tea is produced every year worldwide
  5. The United Kingdom drinks about 165 million cups of tea a day, or 62 billion cups per year
  6. Black tea is called “red tea” in China
  7. The art of foretelling the future by ‘reading the tea leaves’ is known as ‘tassology’
  8. 98% of people take milk with tea
  9. Until the 1800’s, solid blocks of tea were used as currency in Siberia
  10. Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world, after water


Cosy takes tea very seriously and have spent many years developing a range to suit every tea loving taste. From the classic Fairtrade Organic Black Breakfast Tea made with a blend of Assam & Nilgiri teas, to the more unusual tastes of Organic Rooibos made from ‘Redbush’ tea from South Africa with a hint of Vanilla, Cosy really does have it all.

So whether you are enjoying yours with a cheeky slice of cake or simply on its own in your favourite mug, make sure you take some time out on National Tea Day to enjoy a lovely Cosy cuppa!



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