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Cosy Tea Cultures around the world

We spent the summer gathering different tea traditions from around the globe and sharing them with you on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They ranged from the familiar, like Afternoon Tea in the UK, to the more outlandish, like Yak butter and salt tea, but they were all still our favourite beverage…TEA!

We thought that maybe it’s high time they were all in one place so you can see different tea drinking habits and maybe inspired you to share your own.

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Super Tea to the rescue!

With January comes the inevitable talk of the ‘D’ words: diet, detox and don’t-eat-any-more-of-that! And really, it makes sense. After the weeks (or months, maybe) of indulgence that always surround Christmas and New Year, our bodies do cry out for more of the good stuff. I know I turn to carbs and chocolate when the weather is rubbish, and I could do with eating more fruit and veg by the time January rolls round.

But rather than January being about eating more fresh, healthy ingredients, it often becomes more intense, with people turning to juice cleanses and the like. Which drags other foods and ingredients into the fray to be dubbed ‘superfoods’. One of them is Green Tea, which got us wondering, just how magical is it?


“Morning cup of green tea” by Kanko from Nagasaki, Japan.

Green Tea has been used for medicinal purposes in Chinese culture for centuries, and recently tales of its wonder have started to migrate to the West. Claims abound that Green Tea can speed up your metabolism, improve your cholesterol and even prevent Alzheimer’s or cancer. But is it true?

Well, in amongst the crazy claims online, the NHS teamed up with the British Dietetic Association to check it out. It turns out there hasn’t been much research, really, and what has been undertaken is inconclusive. It’s believed that the treatment process (steaming, rather than fermenting) of the leaves means that Green Tea has more antioxidants, alongside the naturally occurring B vitamins, folate, manganese, potassium, magnesium and caffeine. But what that means in practise is…not much. Some people might experience health benefits if they drink more Green Tea, some people might not.

What we’ve discovered that is unequivocally true, is that Green Tea does you no harm. Let’s face it: anything has to be better than the wine, port and other festive tipples we’ve been imbibing of late. So you can guzzle Green Teas by the bucket load guilt-free – whether you opt for our Jasmine or Lemon versions!

For more details and links to studies, visit

Cosy Tea on ‘My Transsexual Summer’

Television fame beckons once again for Cosy Tea! This time we have been on the new Channel 4 reality series “My Transsexual Summer” which is following the lives of 6 people who are transitioning into the correct gender.


Cosy Tea in 'My Transsexual Summer'

 The show is really good and is getting great ratings 🙂
Does anyone know the cafe that’s featured?


Pictures courtesy of 4oD.

Cosy goes primetime!


As featured on TV!

You can’t get much better than a nice cup of Cosy, a chocolate digestive (or 5) and a traditional British soap on telly. So we were pretty chuffed to say the least when our very own tea turned up in one of the country’s most-loved series.

See if you can spot which on-screen café has added Cosy to their menu. Hint – keep an eye out for the colourful Cosy Tea rack – the perfect backdrop to dramatic storylines! (No burning sheep though…)

 Then you can join us in trying to work out what each character’s favourite Cosy Tea is…!

Cosy Tea and gossip

Cosy Tea in the consumer pressWe may have been a bit introverted in blog-land recently, but that’s not to say other folks haven’t been chattering about Cosy!

Cosy Tea in the Trade Press

Since we launched last summer, it’s been admired by foodies and creatives alike, clocking up Cosy column inches in Olive magazine, Vegetarian Living, Knitting Magazine and Design Week, amongst others!  We even picked up a design award along the way too.

Not that we like to blow our own trumpets, you understand…we just want to spread the Cosy word far and wide so that it can be enjoyed by as many people as possible!