April showers bring tea cosy flowers…

Here at Cosy we’re just a tiny bit obsessed with Spring. Like most Brits, we get very excited at the slightest hint of blue sky and we’ve certainly been teased with little slices of that lately. Of course, it wouldn’t be Spring if it wasn’t punctuated by the odd rainstorm. This week I’ve got a beauty of a tea cosy to share with you that’s sure to bring a little bit of Spring to your kitchen, even if it is looking dreary outside.

This really is a lovely pattern from Jen at Justjen-Knitsandstitches. It’s bright, colourful and decorated with the prettiest crotchet flowers. You’ve got the option to make a tiny cosy to fit a 1-cup teapot, or a larger one if you prefer. Either way it’s bound to put a spring in your step… *ahem*.

flower garden tea cosy
As this cosy is knitted in two parts and sewn together, it’s a good pattern if you’re not a fan of knitting in the round. Jen has decorated it with buttons in the center of pink crochet flowers. She’s added some adorable ladybird and bumble bee buttons which make for a lovely garden scene and some texture and fun to the design.

As always, be sure to let us know how you get on in the comments or on Twitter and if you’ve knitted any cosies lately send us a picture! We love to see your work.

Hot Cross Bunnies


Here over at Cosy, Easter is one of our favourite holidays. There’s something incredibly satisfying about a long weekend spent with friends, family, and of course a ton of chocolate. Easter is the time when everything seems to finally start waking up after a long Winter and Spring begins to tease us with daffodils, adorable baby lambs, and…err…chocolate eggs.
Of course it definitely doesn’t hurt that with Easter also comes one of our favourite teatime treats. Sweet chewy buns studded with juicy raisins, toasted and slathered in butter and washed down with a cup of tea. That’s right, it’s the hot cross bun.
The traditional bun is delicately spiced and fruity, with a shiny glaze and distinctive cross decoration. It’s a delicious classic which is perfect just as it is, but if you fancy trying something a bit more exciting this Easter, I’ve rounded up some of the best hot cross bun recipes out there. Follow any one of them and you’ll end up with sweet and sticky treats which go perfectly with a cuppa. You’ll just have to decide which one to choose…

Classic Hot Cross Buns

We’ll recipe-image-legacy-id--229453_12start with the classic recipe from BBC Good Food which really needs no introduction. Follow these fool proof instructions and be rewarded with the smell of spicy sweet buns wafting through your house this Easter.



Chocolate Orange Hot Cross Buns
They say you can’t improve on perfection, but this recipe for chocolate orange hot cross buns from Taming Twins comes pretty close. The chocolate orange is a favourite Christmas treat, but nothing’s stopping you from putting an Easter spin on it.



Cherry & Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

cq5dam.thumbnail.400.400Sticking to the theme of fruit with chocolate, this Waitrose recipe is making my mouth water just reading it. Cherry and chocolate is a classic combination, it can only be improved by converting it to bun form.


Hot Cross Bread & Lemon Puddingrecipe-image-legacy-id--923531_11

Back over to BBC Good Food now who have published this little beauty of a recipe which would be a delicious ending to your Easter meal. The nice thing about this one is that it uses up any leftover buns you might have lying around, if there are any left that is. Serve with pouring cream for a wonderful Easter dessert.

Do you have any favourite hot cross bun recipes? Tell us about them in the comments!

St Patrick’s Day


Spring finally seems to be springing, the birds are singing in the sky, and the biggest green tinted celebrations ever to come out of the Emerald Isle is just a week away. That’s right, on March 17th people across the world will be celebrating St Patrick’s Day.

In times of yore, St Patrick’s Day was a religious day and marked with a feast. These days it’s been transformed into a celebration of Irish culture, with folks all over the world donning their best green clothing and enjoying a pint (or two) of Guinness. Will you be attending one of the festivals or parades held across the globe this year?
st-patricks-day-jar-cozyFor those of you who prefer a quieter celebration, we’ve tracked down the perfect project for you. If it’s a St Patrick’s Day knit project you’re after then these crocheted mini Leprechaun hat jar cosies by Yarnovations tick all the boxes. They’re simple enough that you can finish them in a couple of hours and most importantly of all? They’re the perfect size to fit round your favourite mug so you can raise a tea-flavoured toast to the Irish.

Once you’re done, slip it round your favourite mug and brew a teCosy Lemon Green Box OUTLINED_FIR_AWa of your choice. Personally, we’ll be sticking to the theme and going for Cosy Lemon Green or Jasmine Green (psst…click here for some fun green tea recipes if you fancy something a bit different) but with so many flavours to choose from we won’t blame you for picking something else.


Lá Fhéile Pádraig!

3 ways with…Chamomile

3 ways with… is a series exploring different ways of brewing and sipping our favourite drink. I’ll be picking out some of my favourite Cosy flavours and showing you a few different ways to enjoy them. Click here to see previous posts from the series.


Chamomile is by far one of the most popular herbal infusions around. With a list of associated health benefits as long as your arm, it’s not hard to see why. Not only that, Chamomile tea has certainly stood the test of time – it was one of the drinks of choice in Ancient Egypt and may have been enjoyed even earlier than that. The name Chamomile comes from an Ancient Greek word for ‘ground apple’. If you’re wondering why our ancient pals named a dainty little flower after a fruit, it’s thought it is probably because the Chamomile flower has a similar scent to apple blossom.

You know those health benefits I mentioned? I really wasn’t joking. Over the years Chamomile has been associated with a whole host of perks and uses. Egyptians used it to cure fevers, the Romans burnt it as incense, and closer to home English brewers even used the flowers as an ingredient in beer in the Middle Ages. These days many people drink Chamomile tea at bedtime as it is reported to help calm the nervous system and promote healthy sleep. It is also reported to soothe stomach cramps, skin inflammation, treat hair and nails, and even fend off coughs and colds.
0439 Cosy Chamomile Box OUTLINED_FIR_AWOur delicious organic Cosy Chamomile infusion is  subtly flavoured with liquorice for a hint of sweetness, and it’s so good that to be honest, I’d probably drink it even if it wasn’t supposedly good for me. It’s lovely just as it is with a trickle of honey to sweeten the deal, but add some extra bits and pieces and you can transform your regular cup o’ Chamomile into so much more. Let’s get cracking with 3 ways to drink Cosy Chamomile…


In a hot toddy…

There is nothing better on a chilly winter evening than a comforting hot drink, all the better when it includes warming spices and a drop of brandy like this one does. Plus, if you’re feeling under the weather this is the ultimate pick-me-up. Simply brew your tea (you’ll want it nice and strong for this recipe so leave it for a good 5 minutes), squeeze in a wedge of lemon, a dash of brandy (I’ll leave it to you to decide how much) and sweeten to taste with honey. Serve with a cinnamon stick and enjoy it while it’s still hot. You can leave out the brandy if you prefer, it’ll still be delicious.

As an iced tea…

Picture by Drizzle and Drip

Picture by Drizzle and Drip

If the hot toddy was the perfect winter brew, then this is its summer cousin. The best part about this Chamomile iced tea with apple and passionfruit recipe? It is just so simple. Keep the ingredients on hand and you’ll never have to wait too long for a wonderful refreshing alternative to hot tea.

In a cocktail…

Picture from Bon Appetit

Picture from Bon Appetit

It wouldn’t be a ‘3 ways with…’ post if we didn’t feature at least one tea based cocktail. If you haven’t thought of pairing the unique taste of Chamomile with gin, lemon, and honey, then you’ve been missing out. This Bon Appetit recipe for a Chamomile Gin cocktail is the perfect zesty and refreshing happy hour treat. We’re sold!

A love letter to your favourite brew


That’s right folks, love is all around us. It’s that time of year again when the card companies, florists, and chocolatiers of the world unite to create an unavoidable medley of soppiness and romance. Much like Marmite, you either love Valentine’s Day or you hate it. If you’re in the latter camp and are starting to worry that this post probably isn’t for you then fear not. Consider this a love letter to your favourite brew. That’s right, this year make tea your Valentine…

We’ll start off with the tea, it is the star of the show after all. Pick your favourite flavour, from classic English Breakfast to old school Earl Grey. You could even go all out with romantic red Rooibos – bonus points for sticking to the theme. Whatever your tipple, just make sure it’s brewed to perfection – this is a date don’tcha know?!

Your date’s outfit is very important, so next up we need to find something extra special to serve your tea of choice in. Why use this lovely number by FourEverCrafting to declare your love? Or let your brew know your intentions with this cute mug.




Every good Casanova knows it’s important to bring their date a gift. Just a little token to say ‘I love you’. Both you and your tea will love these slice-and-bake Valentine’s biscuits and as the freezer does most of the work you won’t have to spend too much time in the kitchen either. Just don’t let your beau know that…


LFree-knitting-patterns-How-to-make-knitted-heart-coasters-Mollie-Makesast but not least, it seems only right that you escort your date in the proper manner. These knitted heart coasters by Mollie Makes are just the ticket. The simple pattern is even suitable for beginner knitters so even if you’re a novice you shouldn’t find these too challenging.

Whatever you do, we hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to let us know what you’re knitting and drinking in the comments!

Save those fingers!

Your hands will be cosy even if it looks like this outside..

Your hands will be cosy even if it looks like this outside..

Brrr! It’s cold out there. When the chilly weather hit last week it occurred to me that I don’t actually have a pair of gloves to keep my hands toasty warm. I immediately set about searching for the perfect pattern. With so many talented knitters out there I wasn’t disappointed and I thought it was only fair to share a few of my favourites with you.

Mittens and fingerless gloves make for simple projects which are ideal for beginners, or more experienced knitters who fancy something speedy and satisfying. Besides, as brilliant a hand warmer as your favourite cup of tea is, you’re going to have to venture outside at some point…

Picture by Tanis Fiber Arts

Picture by Tanis Fiber Arts

I instantly fell in love with these beauties  from Tanis Fiber Arts  and it’s not hard to see why. This simple pattern is knitted in the round and is a brilliant way of using up any odd bits of wool you might have lying around. There’s even a pattern for a matching hat if you fancy a bigger project. You can find the pattern here





These fingerless mitts  by Fringe Association are a lovely little project for beginners as they’re so simple. You’ll just need to know your basic knit and purl. They’re knitted in the round and the straightforward design gives you the freedom to use your choice of yarn.


Picture by Martha Stewart

Picture by Martha Stewart

If you need your hands warming up pronto, this easy pattern  from Martha Stewart  is just the ticket. All you need is your basic knit stitch and the clear instructions are helpful if you’re new to knitting in the round.

New Year’s Resolu-tea-ans

Happy New Year readers! Well, happy sort-of-New-Year at least. Can you believe we’re now already half way through January? The post-holiday slump and cold temperatures can bring on a classic case of January Blues. Be sure to try one of our green teas or fruity infusions for an instant pick-me-up and a very nice addition to that January diet. If you’re not sure which one to choose (and with so many delicious options we don’t blame you) then fear not. With a tea for every resolution you’ve got one more reason to keep yours this year.

Resolu0443 Cosy Jasmine Green Box OUTLINED_FIR_AWtion: Become a super zen yoga guru

Tea: Jasmine Green

We’ve paired fragrant jasmine with Chunmee green tea for this delicately flavoured brew. Jasmine has been reported to help reduce stress levels, just the ticket when you’re attempting your downward dog.*


Resolution: Transform yourself into the high flying Cosy Lemon Green Box OUTLINED_FIR_AWathlete you always knew you were

Tea: Lemon Green

It’s long been reported that both green tea and lemon can boost your metabolism and help with fat burning. It makes sense that a good tea like Cosy Lemon Green would be a great partner for your new exercise regime. It’s super refreshing cold too, so why not try it after a workout for an invigorating boost?

ResoCosy Peppermint Box OUTLINED_FIR_AWlution: Eat more healthily than your pet rabbit

Tea: Peppermint

Peppermint has been used for centuries as a remedy for digestive problems, and peppermint tea can help with bloating – a useful addition to that healthy new diet of yours. Try having a cup of organic Cosy Peppermint after meals to give your digestive system a helping hand.


Resolution: Cut down on caffeine0438 Cosy Decaf Box_FIR_AW

Tea: Decaf

As lovely as tea is, we know that it is possible to have too much of a good thing. The caffeine in your regular tea can cause problems like headaches, restlessness and loss of sleep. Enter Cosy Decaf, all the great flavour and comforting qualities of your usual cuppa with none of the caffeine. Win win.


Resolution0439 Cosy Chamomile Box OUTLINED_FIR_AW: Get more sleep without counting sheep

Tea: Chamomile

Chamomile is thought to have anti-anxiety properties, helpful when you’ve got a million thoughts racing through your mind when you’re trying to nod off. Our Chamomile tea is flavoured with a hint of liquorice for sweetness – oh and it’s organic too. Try swapping your evening cocoa for a cup of Cosy Chamomile at bedtime for a soothing sleep inducing treat.

Resolution: Step away from those 3pm biscuits0440 Cosy Blueberry Box OUTLINED_FIR_AW

Tea: Blueberry

If you find yourself craving something sugary and sweet in that grey area between lunch and home time then Cosy Blueberry is the brew for you. With ingredients like Echinacea, Hibiscus and Rosehips it’s positively bursting with fruitiness and will pick you up in no time – no sugary snacks required.




*we do not recommend drinking tea at the same time as attempting a downward dog.