Readers’ Cosies!

Thank you everyone for your tea cosy pictures! If you would like your creation to appear on this page, please contact us or join our Ravelry group and post in the thread “Show us Your Tea Cosies!”

Click the pictures below to be taken to a link for the patterns 🙂

Jane's blue tea cosy

A stunning blue version of the same cosy from Jane, gorgeous with the yellow flower and red teapot!

Jane's Yellow Tea Cosy

Jane’s Yellow Tea Cosy – she says it’s an inside-out version of our rib pattern cosy, finished with a flower instead of a pom-pom!

Lorraine’s Jubilee Cosy – Click for website

Kerry’s Over the Top Tea Cosy

Kerry’s Floral Knitted Tea Cosy

Lynne’s Retro Style Tea Cosy

Lee Ann’s Felted Tea Cosy

Kerry’s ‘Roses Roses Roses’

Fleurtje Eliza’s Picea Lux Christmas Tree Tea Cozy

Karen’s Tea Cosy

Lesilie’s Rosie Posie Tea Cosy

Kerry’s Mushroom Tea Cosy

Kate’s Pumpkin Tea Cosy

Grace’s Tea Cosy

Leslie’s Mistake Rib Tea Cosy

Lisa’s Cornish Dormouse

Lynne’s Knitted Tea Cosy

Julie’s Handspun Tea Cosy

Stooferdoofer’s Cow Cosy

Kerry’s Liquorice Allsort Tea Cosy

Rosebob’s Magic Mushroom Tea Cosy

Hila’s Autumn Tea Cosy

Ikebana für Anfänger....

Ikebana für Anfänger by Susanne Kris

Sugarmouse's Tea Cosy

Sugarmouse’s Tea Cosy

Sugarmouse's Teacosy

Sugarmouse’s Teacosy


6 responses to “Readers’ Cosies!

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  2. Love them all, just beautiful, are any of them for sale

    • If you visit the links provided for each pattern, the designers will be able to let you know if they’re for sale or not. We just provide links to patterns we like.

  3. claudia eva, matamata, new zealand.

    these tea pot covers are fab. i thought nobody made them these
    days. keep up the good work.claudia, new zealand.

  4. can one purchase these patterns, as an e-pattern? I am interested in the “cow” one, but dont want to wait weeks to get a book, would like to know if they are in electronic format?????

  5. I need a cosy that looks like a nun. Any patterns?

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