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Pick a Pocket Cup Cosy

Our friend Julie over in Athens has come up with this fab little cup cosy with a pocket! Perfect for a sugar sachet or a spare tea bag, we love this design and wanted to share the knitting pattern with everyone.

The pattern is available for free on Simply Notable – the blog that Julie shares with her daughter.  These mug cosies are a great project to knit up in a free afternoon, or even a couple of hours.  Using just knit and purl stitches to make up the grey one, and a small cable stitch on the other, both patterns would be a good introduction for beginners that want to learn a few new knitting tricks. 

The pockets are created by picking up stitches from the cosy – so if you are new to this it will be good practice if for those planning to knit larger things like jumpers or cardigans.

Julie also has an Etsy site on which she is selling pick a pocket cosies, for anyone wishing to buy one ready made!


Anyone for Christmas Pudding?

Are you feeling festive yet? Christmas is getting close, but there’s still time to make a few things! Top of our list is this funky little Christmas Pud Tea Cosy, designed by Hilary Detmers from Suffolk, UK.

Christmas Pudding Knitted Tea_Cosy

This free pattern is well written and very easy to follow.  The body of the tea cosy is ribbed on two needles, the icing crocheted, and the knitted holly and berries added to finish.  Hilary has included crochet abbreviations for both British and American teminology, and has explained how to sew up the tea cosy, using useful photographs.

Hilary has more free PDF patterns on her Ravelry and on Hilary’s Craft Blog – a nice mixture of crochet, hand knit and machine knitting, all again with clear instructions on how to make them.

I’m pretty new to machine knitting, however I might have to give her Crocodile Scarf or her Underhosen a go!

Cosy Rooibos Tea Winners Announced!

cosy rooibos tea how do you like it ? graphic

A few weeks ago we ran a draw to win 6 boxes of Cosy Rooibos and Vanilla tea. Our customers since went crazy for the red stuff and drank our warehouse dry!

So apologies for the late announcement, however congratulations to Ian, Dawn and Lora, who are our lucky Cosy Tea winners!

And of course we’d love to hear what you think..  How do you like it, and what recipes have you come up with ?

Cosy Tea on ‘My Transsexual Summer’

Television fame beckons once again for Cosy Tea! This time we have been on the new Channel 4 reality series “My Transsexual Summer” which is following the lives of 6 people who are transitioning into the correct gender.


Cosy Tea in 'My Transsexual Summer'

 The show is really good and is getting great ratings 🙂
Does anyone know the cafe that’s featured?


Pictures courtesy of 4oD.

How do you like it?

We always like to hear novel ways of enjoying Cosy…

Lucy discovered Cosy Chamomile Tea in a bar when looking for a non-alcoholic beverage whilst planning her friend’s hen do. (Probably sensible we think.) It helped that it was served by a ‘cutesy’ barman!

Adventurous Edgaras from Lithuania likes his Early Grey with brown sugar and fresh lime accompanied by a hot cheese sandwich after stuntriding on his motorbike.  Not sure about this one, but we’ll give anything a go….!

Jenny likes to put her feet up after work with Earl Grey and a big slice of cake, whilst Kate prefers hers in a mismatched cup and saucer with a fresh magazine and some Joni Mitchell in the background. That sounds more like our cup of tea!

Tell us how you like your tea and we’ll send the best entry each month a sample of Cosy Organic Tea and a lovely little limited edition Cosy badge!

Cosy’s in fashion

Cosy Blueberry Tea

The original hand-crafted tea cosy collection that features on our packaging was whisked from its closely-guarded wardrobe here at Cosy Tea HQ and treated to a mini makeover recently. 

The cosies starred in a glamorous photoshoot for the Autumn / Winter season.  Complete with new accessories and styling, they really looked the part! Our models (porcelain-pale English beauties) did a great job of showing off the designs and we think you’ll agree, they’re bang on trend for next season.  

Cosy on display at Caffe Culture

Cosy Decaf (third from left) makes its debut appearance as part of 'Cosy Corner' at the Caffe Culture tradeshow, May 2011

The latest addition to the Cosy wardrobe – the Decaf – was also revealed in full, after a sneak catwalk preview at London’s glittering Caffe Culture exhibition back in May.

The new Decaf design features a flattering ‘wave lattice’ knit, made by Nicola Haisley. 

Rumour has it that fashionista daahlings are already fawning over the new look, and top industry experts are predicting copycat versions appearing on the high street soon….

 Fancy knitting your own tea cosy? Check out our free patterns!

Happy Customers

Though we’re quite a modest bunch really, we do feel that Cosy Tea deserves to sing its praises without embarrassment. That’s why we get quite excited when lovely fans say lovely things about it! Here’s a few of the latest comments we have received.

Name: Anneli
Fave Cosy Tea: Rooibos
“The vanilla explodes in your mouth! I could drink this all day…”

 Name: Molly (food blogger)
Fave Cosy Tea: Lemon Green
“The delicate straw colour looked pure and inviting and the balance of green tea and lemon was perfect. The taste was clean and fresh and endowed me with a sense of calm at the end of a long day.” 

Name: Kate
Fave Cosy Tea: Earl Grey
“I want to give your branding a hug! Lovely stuff.” 

Name: Lucy
Fave Cosy Tea: Chamomile
“I didn’t fancy an alcoholic beverage, but with such a funky display of teas on offer I wasn’t the least bit embarrassed to order a nice cup of chamomile tea. It was such a lovely cuppa, I took the little paper tab off the tea bag string and vowed to look you guys up online straight away!”

 Thanks for all your feedback. Flattery will get you…well, a nice cup of tea!