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Grannie’s Traditional Tea Cosy Pattern

This week our free tea cosy pattern, ‘Grannies Traditional Tea Cosy’ comes from Keren Smith in Wales.

Grannies_Traditional _1920s_Style_Cosy

She made this pattern up based on a vintage teacosy that her Gran knitted (which is about 80 years old now and still going strong!)  The different coloured yarns are knit alternately in garter stitch and are pulled across the wrong side when not in use to form the pucker, creating a double layer to keep the pot of tea super warm.


This style of knitted tea cosy dates back to around the 1920’s, but has been popular ever since.  There are some great photos online for similar retro tea cosies in vibrant colours from the 1970’s, however this version is a little more tasteful! The pattern can be downloaded for free.


The original 1940s tea cosy that Keren copied

Keren has a stream of  comments on her blog, teabythesea, from reminiscent fans, happy to have found a pattern that reminds them being children!  It’s a fairly simple knit, when you get the hang of carrying the yarn behind and the tension to use – experienced knitters could easily make one as a Christmas present and pass that nostalgia on to someone special!

If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning some Cosy Tea, we are currently looking for Christmas tea cosies to share and make! Please contact us with your free pattern, and if we use it then we’ll send some tea!


Loani’s Wild Tea Cosy!

Happy Friday folks! This week our featured free tea cosy pattern is the awesome Garden Party Tea Cosy, designed by Loani Prior, author of Wild Tea Cosies  and REALLY Wild Tea Cosies .

Loani has kindly let us use her fancy tea cosy pattern this week for Tea Cosy Corner.  


 I am LOVING this cosy! It’s so dull and grey here in Bristol this week, this would look great in our office to cheer things up a bit.

The cosy is knitted on 4mm (US 6) knitting needles and uses Noro Kureyon or Noro Silk Garden yarn. If you’ve never used Noro wool before then you’re missing out!

Loani_Prior_Garden_Party_Tea _Cosy

We’re looking forward to getting out teeth into this pretty teacosy pattern as it looks like so much fun – After making the body of the cosy in a basket weave stitch, which uses a mixture of knit and purl in rounds and rows, you make a little tray to put your knitted garden in, and then use a combination of knitting and crochet to make all the leaves and flowers. 

We think it looks fab, and can’t wait to get hold of Loani Prior’s books to see all the other patterns!

You can download the PDF version of Garden Party for free on Loani’s website – take a look around, check out her other tea cosies and buy her books!


Julie’s Buttoned Up Cup Cosy Pattern

For this week’s free pattern we have a little variation on the Tea Cosy, a nice toasty woolly mug warmer! 

This mug cosy comes from Julie in Athens, who blogs collaboratively with her daughter at Simply Notable, where you can find the free pattern for this lovely cosy!

The pattern is a really simple cable pattern that secures with a cute little button and crochet hoop that would be a great one for beginners to get started on. For non-crochers, Julie has provided a really useful photo-loaded how-to guide for the hoop.

Now I’m not sure about you, but my current favourite tea is a lovely cup of peppermint, and I’m looking forward to making myself one of these to keep on my desk.   Here at Cosy HQ we are so busy thinking of new flavours and knitting cosies, that our tea needs to keep warm!