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We wuv you!

Happy Friday, lovely people! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week, and managed to stay warm in this chilly February weather. Speaking of February, guess what day tomorrow is? That’s right, it’s Valentine’s Day! Whether you are a fan of this celebration or not, you can’t seem to get away from the pink and red lovehearts at the moment. But it’s always good to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us and in honour of that sentiment, we’ve found you a romantic rose-bedecked tea cosy, because after all, sharing a pot of tea is a such a sweet way to say ‘I love you’.


This beautiful design by Louise Fitzpatrick incorporates a simple knitted body with a bevy of gorgeous crocheted flowers sewn to the top. Knitted in classic stocking stitch, the main part of the cosy is very simple, with the first sections worked flat and then joined into the round for the top shaping, leaving gaps for the handle and spout.


The really fun part is making the flowers for the top. Based on a pattern from www.funfreecraftlimited.com, this is great for newbie crocheters. As long as you can chain, slip stitch and double crochet, you can make these roses. And if you use a fun colourful yarn, like Louise did, they come out with the subtle variegations that real flowers have. Genius!


There’s a fair amount of sewing involved with this design, but it’s so worth it – aren’t those buttons delightful? Make sure to give yourself a full afternoon to dedicate to the construction and take your time when you position the flowers. A little bit of effort goes a long way and after all, you want this cosy to show just how much you care about your people.

Happy Valentine’s Day tea fans, we love you all!


Anyone for Christmas Pudding?

Are you feeling festive yet? Christmas is getting close, but there’s still time to make a few things! Top of our list is this funky little Christmas Pud Tea Cosy, designed by Hilary Detmers from Suffolk, UK.

Christmas Pudding Knitted Tea_Cosy

This free pattern is well written and very easy to follow.  The body of the tea cosy is ribbed on two needles, the icing crocheted, and the knitted holly and berries added to finish.  Hilary has included crochet abbreviations for both British and American teminology, and has explained how to sew up the tea cosy, using useful photographs.

Hilary has more free PDF patterns on her Ravelry and on Hilary’s Craft Blog – a nice mixture of crochet, hand knit and machine knitting, all again with clear instructions on how to make them.

I’m pretty new to machine knitting, however I might have to give her Crocodile Scarf or her Underhosen a go!

Grannie’s Traditional Tea Cosy Pattern

This week our free tea cosy pattern, ‘Grannies Traditional Tea Cosy’ comes from Keren Smith in Wales.

Grannies_Traditional _1920s_Style_Cosy

She made this pattern up based on a vintage teacosy that her Gran knitted (which is about 80 years old now and still going strong!)  The different coloured yarns are knit alternately in garter stitch and are pulled across the wrong side when not in use to form the pucker, creating a double layer to keep the pot of tea super warm.


This style of knitted tea cosy dates back to around the 1920’s, but has been popular ever since.  There are some great photos online for similar retro tea cosies in vibrant colours from the 1970’s, however this version is a little more tasteful! The pattern can be downloaded for free.


The original 1940s tea cosy that Keren copied

Keren has a stream of  comments on her blog, teabythesea, from reminiscent fans, happy to have found a pattern that reminds them being children!  It’s a fairly simple knit, when you get the hang of carrying the yarn behind and the tension to use – experienced knitters could easily make one as a Christmas present and pass that nostalgia on to someone special!

If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning some Cosy Tea, we are currently looking for Christmas tea cosies to share and make! Please contact us with your free pattern, and if we use it then we’ll send some tea!

The tea has landed!

Happy days at Cosy HQ – because yesterday our first full shipment of tea arrived and boy, does the warehouse smell fantastic! Fresh peppermint and creamy vanilla cannot be held back by mere packaging and are flooding the air with their beautiful scent. It’s a pretty nice place to hang out right now. The orders are flooding in too – which is hugely exciting as it means that within a matter of weeks, Cosy is going to be out there in an ever-increasing number of cafés for punters to slurp! I just can’t wait to stumble across it when I’m out and about – I just hope people enjoy it as much as we do.

On the knitting front, the novices amongst us have been taking our first tentative steps towards ‘casting on’ and knitting a few tricky rows. Purl stitch is a subject of much debate, as despite following various clear instructions, we’re not entirely sure any of us have actually achieved it…Something is obviously going wrong. Needless to say, with such pitiful progress, we are still oceans away from knitting an actual tea cosy.


Nicola's free Wave Rib Tea Cosy pattern can be found on our website

Peppermint Cosy Tea Packaging







Beginners, see this great ‘How to Knit Guide’ to get you started!  For those of you who have mastered the basics, a lovely lady called Nicola has given us her free pattern for a wave-rib tea cosy – just like the one featured on the Peppermint Tea pack. It’s free to download on our website www.cosy-tea.com, or on the ‘Free Patterns’ link at the top of your screen.