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Tea Cosy Corner

Ok so the sun has taken his hat off, the nights are drawing in, and we’re starting to lack the enthusiasm to go out now here at Cosy Tea head quarters.  So what better than to go home, snuggle up on the sofa in some woolly socks (yes it is that cold in my house) and get knitting tea cosies?

We’ve decided to feature here, once a week when possible, a Tea Cosy Corner, showcasing our favourite free tea cosy knitting patterns.  Our designer is currently working on a seasonal pumpkin knitting pattern, which we will share the results of next week!

..Here’s a sneak preview 🙂

pumpkin tea cosy in progress


If you have a free knitting pattern for a tea cosy or a mug cosy, and you would like to submit to Tea Cosy Corner then please get in touch – we will be publishing our favourite ones so watch this space! The more festive and funky the better 🙂


Cosy’s in fashion

Cosy Blueberry Tea

The original hand-crafted tea cosy collection that features on our packaging was whisked from its closely-guarded wardrobe here at Cosy Tea HQ and treated to a mini makeover recently. 

The cosies starred in a glamorous photoshoot for the Autumn / Winter season.  Complete with new accessories and styling, they really looked the part! Our models (porcelain-pale English beauties) did a great job of showing off the designs and we think you’ll agree, they’re bang on trend for next season.  

Cosy on display at Caffe Culture

Cosy Decaf (third from left) makes its debut appearance as part of 'Cosy Corner' at the Caffe Culture tradeshow, May 2011

The latest addition to the Cosy wardrobe – the Decaf – was also revealed in full, after a sneak catwalk preview at London’s glittering Caffe Culture exhibition back in May.

The new Decaf design features a flattering ‘wave lattice’ knit, made by Nicola Haisley. 

Rumour has it that fashionista daahlings are already fawning over the new look, and top industry experts are predicting copycat versions appearing on the high street soon….

 Fancy knitting your own tea cosy? Check out our free patterns!

Happy Customers

Though we’re quite a modest bunch really, we do feel that Cosy Tea deserves to sing its praises without embarrassment. That’s why we get quite excited when lovely fans say lovely things about it! Here’s a few of the latest comments we have received.

Name: Anneli
Fave Cosy Tea: Rooibos
“The vanilla explodes in your mouth! I could drink this all day…”

 Name: Molly (food blogger)
Fave Cosy Tea: Lemon Green
“The delicate straw colour looked pure and inviting and the balance of green tea and lemon was perfect. The taste was clean and fresh and endowed me with a sense of calm at the end of a long day.” 

Name: Kate
Fave Cosy Tea: Earl Grey
“I want to give your branding a hug! Lovely stuff.” 

Name: Lucy
Fave Cosy Tea: Chamomile
“I didn’t fancy an alcoholic beverage, but with such a funky display of teas on offer I wasn’t the least bit embarrassed to order a nice cup of chamomile tea. It was such a lovely cuppa, I took the little paper tab off the tea bag string and vowed to look you guys up online straight away!”

 Thanks for all your feedback. Flattery will get you…well, a nice cup of tea!

Cosy Tea and gossip

Cosy Tea in the consumer pressWe may have been a bit introverted in blog-land recently, but that’s not to say other folks haven’t been chattering about Cosy!

Cosy Tea in the Trade Press

Since we launched last summer, it’s been admired by foodies and creatives alike, clocking up Cosy column inches in Olive magazine, Vegetarian Living, Knitting Magazine and Design Week, amongst others!  We even picked up a design award along the way too.

Not that we like to blow our own trumpets, you understand…we just want to spread the Cosy word far and wide so that it can be enjoyed by as many people as possible!

The best things come to those who wait…

Cosy Tea fairtrade organic decaffeineated black teaYou may be wondering why Cosy has been a bit quiet lately…well, it’s because we’ve been busy developing a Decaffeinated version to complete the range. Cosy HQ is now an oasis of calm and tranquility as we enjoy the fruits of our labours!

We’ve been planning to add a decaffeinated black tea to the Cosy line-up since we launched last year, and after much tweaking, we finally have a decaf to be proud of.  The new tea is organic (of course) and Fairtrade too. As you’d expect, it has all the taste of the standard Cosy Breakfast Tea, just without the caffeine.

We like it with a drop of milk and a weekend newspaper, shortly followed by forty winks.  As if you needed an excuse for a tea-break…

The tea has landed!

Happy days at Cosy HQ – because yesterday our first full shipment of tea arrived and boy, does the warehouse smell fantastic! Fresh peppermint and creamy vanilla cannot be held back by mere packaging and are flooding the air with their beautiful scent. It’s a pretty nice place to hang out right now. The orders are flooding in too – which is hugely exciting as it means that within a matter of weeks, Cosy is going to be out there in an ever-increasing number of cafés for punters to slurp! I just can’t wait to stumble across it when I’m out and about – I just hope people enjoy it as much as we do.

On the knitting front, the novices amongst us have been taking our first tentative steps towards ‘casting on’ and knitting a few tricky rows. Purl stitch is a subject of much debate, as despite following various clear instructions, we’re not entirely sure any of us have actually achieved it…Something is obviously going wrong. Needless to say, with such pitiful progress, we are still oceans away from knitting an actual tea cosy.


Nicola's free Wave Rib Tea Cosy pattern can be found on our website

Peppermint Cosy Tea Packaging







Beginners, see this great ‘How to Knit Guide’ to get you started!  For those of you who have mastered the basics, a lovely lady called Nicola has given us her free pattern for a wave-rib tea cosy – just like the one featured on the Peppermint Tea pack. It’s free to download on our website www.cosy-tea.com, or on the ‘Free Patterns’ link at the top of your screen.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Cosy Organic Tea…

Over the next few weeks and months we will be posting on all sorts of wonderful things to do with Cosy Organic Tea. We will also be delving into the murky world of hardcore knitting and crochet! So come back soon for a cuppa, some free patterns, and more fun than you can poke a knitting needle with.

The Cosy Krew