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Colour fantastic

As we speed towards summer it’s time to get some more colour and fun into our tea time habits. This felted cosy is the perfect balance of bonkers and practical and we just love it. Who wouldn’t want this combination of stripes, polka dots and brightness on their teapot? And you get to try a new technique along the way – bonus!


(Image courtesy of Knitty.com)

Kristin Nicholas has created possibly the most perfect tea cosy. The knitting itself is very simple. Worked in the round, you just keep going, using only the knit stitch, and changing colours every now and then. In fact, the pattern is so easy, it doesn’t even have spout or handle slots to worry about – which will also prevent any heat escaping, meaning your tea will be even warmer for even longer.


(Image courtesy of Knitty.com)

Once you’ve knitted the cosy, it’s time to get felting. It’s worth mentioning that at this stage your cosy will look huge. Do not panic. When you felt knitted items they shrink. This is why your yarn choice is important. You must use natural fibres for this pattern. Anything artificial or superwash will not felt, so you will be left with an oversized cosy that will flop and sag over your pot and, let’s face it, nobody wants that. Felting is really easy but it feels totally wrong: you put your knitting in the washing machine. Trust me. This time you want the tiny, fuzzy result.


(Image courtesy of Knitty.com)

A little bit of embroidery (with very clear instructions, thanks to the pattern) is the finishing touch, et voila! You have a quirky bit of fun to liven up tea time and your beverages will stay hotter for so much longer. If you aren’t already addicted to felting your knitting, you sure will be after this.

This free pattern can be found on Ravelry and Knitty.


We wuv you!

Happy Friday, lovely people! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week, and managed to stay warm in this chilly February weather. Speaking of February, guess what day tomorrow is? That’s right, it’s Valentine’s Day! Whether you are a fan of this celebration or not, you can’t seem to get away from the pink and red lovehearts at the moment. But it’s always good to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us and in honour of that sentiment, we’ve found you a romantic rose-bedecked tea cosy, because after all, sharing a pot of tea is a such a sweet way to say ‘I love you’.


This beautiful design by Louise Fitzpatrick incorporates a simple knitted body with a bevy of gorgeous crocheted flowers sewn to the top. Knitted in classic stocking stitch, the main part of the cosy is very simple, with the first sections worked flat and then joined into the round for the top shaping, leaving gaps for the handle and spout.


The really fun part is making the flowers for the top. Based on a pattern from www.funfreecraftlimited.com, this is great for newbie crocheters. As long as you can chain, slip stitch and double crochet, you can make these roses. And if you use a fun colourful yarn, like Louise did, they come out with the subtle variegations that real flowers have. Genius!


There’s a fair amount of sewing involved with this design, but it’s so worth it – aren’t those buttons delightful? Make sure to give yourself a full afternoon to dedicate to the construction and take your time when you position the flowers. A little bit of effort goes a long way and after all, you want this cosy to show just how much you care about your people.

Happy Valentine’s Day tea fans, we love you all!

Twisted Fibers Mug Cosy

Gosh, how did it become September already?  We’ve got that odd sort of weather here at the moment that feels summery (at last) in the day and then freezing at night! And it’s starting to get dark earlier too, which makes me start thinking about knitting Christmas presents and getting all cosy.

Speaking of which, today’s free cosy knitting pattern comes courtesy of Twisted Fibers Designs.  It’s a gorgeous little mug cosy that you should be able to knit up in a couple of hours, perfect for a last minute gift idea or tv project!

The pattern for this cup cosy is really simple and would suit beginners as a first project using knit and purl stitches. You can find the pattern for free on Twisted Fibers Designs blog. The blog also makes very good reading for those crafty types among you (yes, you) so make sure you pop along and have a peek.

This week on the tea front I have been mostly dipping into the old Rooibos and Vanilla. It’s an old favourite that I’ve previously had addiction problems with, it’s so delicious! Sweet and warming, this one goes very well with a slice of banana cake. And we always have banana cake as we seem to let our ‘nanas get a little toooo ripe..

Edit: Please note the link for this free pattern is not longer working.  You could try messaging the designer through Ravelry for more information.

Dawn’s Festivity Tea Cosy

This is the Festivity Tea Cosy by Dawn Brocco.  How gorgeous is this?  I love the colours she has chosen, the little sprinkling of white specks and the huge pompom on top.

The pattern is available to download and Dawn also has tons of other patterns available on her website and her Ravelry pattern page. (I personally think the Beehive Tea Cosy is fantastic!)

The Festivity Cosy is a great way to use up odd bits of yarn you might have left over.  The pattern itself is nicely written up, using a chart to work from for the colour work.  Knit mainly in stocking stitch, this tea cosy should be finished in a day or two and is a nice introduction to colour knitting.

Tea wise, this week my favourite has been the good old English Breakfast! I like mine black, steeped for about a minute with a vegan chocolate cupcake .  I made these at the weekend and they are seriously good! And the Cosy Organic Breakfast Tea is so light and subtle that the two compliment each other wonderfully.

How do you like yours?


We updated this post to reflect that Dawn’s festivity Tea Cosy is no longer free. If we’ll keep our eyes peeled for a free pattern to post!

A Cosy fit for an Avanti Tea Pot

Hello and happy Friday – again! This week I would like to share with everyone  a slightly different tea cosy  knitting pattern- for an Avanti teapot, which is longer and less spherical than most teapots.

This pretty  tea cosy was designed by Kristy Harrison in Australia, and the pattern is available for free 🙂 Kristy has gone for a country feel with this tea cosy, using a chunky yarn and tweedy flowers and leaves to finish off.

To make the tea cosy, you will need approx 60g of 12 ply yarn and some small amounts of tweed in contrasting colours for the embellishments.  The gauge is 16.5/10cm in stocking stitch on 6mm knitting needles.

This Avanti tea cosy is knitted in a simple cable stitch, and it can be completed within a few hours in this chunky yarn.  The cables add thickness to the cosy, making it super warm!

This pattern can be found on Kristy’s website, along with some more lovely free knitting patterns for hot water bottle covers and a hat !


Cute Christmas Cosies to Knit!

We said we would feature some free Christmas tea cosies for you to get your teeth into, so here is the first one 🙂  This festive ribbed tea cosy was designed by Frankie Brown (thanks Frankie for the submission!). 

Christmas Tree Snowman Tea Cosy

Double Sided Christmas Tree and Snowman Tea Cosy

The tea cosy is made in rib stitch and the snowman and christmas tree designs are knitted and sewn on afterwards.  Instructions are clearly written out to knit each part, the snowman himself, his hat and scarf, the snowballs and the christmas tree, which is then decorated.

Snowman Tea Cosy





We featured Frankie recently when we found one of her free knitting patterns online.  She asks that if you do make one of her patterns that you leave a donation on her Just Giving Page.  For more festive Christmas knits, garlands, blankets and toys, see her Ravelry.

Click to download the Christmas Tea Cosy pdf!

Julie’s Buttoned Up Cup Cosy Pattern

For this week’s free pattern we have a little variation on the Tea Cosy, a nice toasty woolly mug warmer! 

This mug cosy comes from Julie in Athens, who blogs collaboratively with her daughter at Simply Notable, where you can find the free pattern for this lovely cosy!

The pattern is a really simple cable pattern that secures with a cute little button and crochet hoop that would be a great one for beginners to get started on. For non-crochers, Julie has provided a really useful photo-loaded how-to guide for the hoop.

Now I’m not sure about you, but my current favourite tea is a lovely cup of peppermint, and I’m looking forward to making myself one of these to keep on my desk.   Here at Cosy HQ we are so busy thinking of new flavours and knitting cosies, that our tea needs to keep warm!